West Jordan, UT, US

I am relatively new to the world of woodworking, starting my first project about a year ago. I love the work and cant get enough. My loving and supportive wife makes it possible for me to indulge in the work, giving me a table saw for Valentines (so romantic) and a router for father's day.

We just bought a home with a shop in the back. It was used for storage so I am starting to make it into my woodworking paradise.

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Bunk Beds

With baby number 3 on the way last year I embarked on my first woodworking project ever.  Using tools I borrowed from my father-in-law I took over our single car garage and started in on my 3...

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Re: UPDATE: Finishing Wood from Fine Woodworking

I've gotten so fed up with finishing that I've switched almost exclusively to wipe on polys for ease. Problem is it isn't as durable so the stuff I made for the kids may need help down the road. Interested to see if this can get me back into using other finishes again.

Re: Shop Talk Live 20: Fine Woodworking on Primetime TV

Here's what I made for the kids a couple years ago. My favorite Christmas present I've ever made. Came up with the design myself and did it out of one 4x8 sheet of plywood I picked up from Home Depot for $25 (except the drawer boxes which were some 1/2 ply scraps I had lying around). I still need to make a trundle that rolls underneath to hold trains and tracks and Legos and cars and ...

Check it out here:

Re: UPDATE: Back to Basics: Fundamentals of Sharpening from Fox Chapel Publishing

Sharpening has been a mystery to me for quite some time and has kept me away from hand tools while learning this great craft. There seem to be so many different ways of doing it that I am at a loss as to which I should try. The most efficient techniques seem to come with the heftiest price tags.

Re: Clamps: The Secrets to Success

I guess you could say that my success in glue ups can be chalked up to dumb luck. From what I just learned I haven't been using enough clamps, the right kind of clamps, or enough pressure. Great information!

Re: Miracle Shield Blocks Kickback

Love it! I think my favorite part is Asa's awesome eye protection.

Re: UPDATED: What Tools Are on Your Holiday Wish List?

A set of hand planes. I find so many uses for them on my projects and I don't have a single one in the shop yet. I've got my eye on the new Sweethearts, we'll have to wait and see what my sweetheart thinks.

Re: Bench Cookie Giveaway

Mmmm ... cookies ...

Re: Setting up shop: Which machine first? And why.

I'm currently setting up my shop, it's been a labor of love for 3 years and it'll probably be another 10 or so before I'm happy (thank goodness for an understanding wife).

I agree that saws need to come first. My first project was built w/ two borrowed tools: my father-in-law's table saw and my brother's router. The bunk beds and dressers turned out great so I bought those two tools first.

A good bench top saw won't kill the budget and is the center piece of my shop. I'm currently building a table to put it in that will give me the workspace of a stand alone unit.

A router is an essential second pick because it is such a versatile tool. (The table above has a home for the router on one end helping to save some space in the shop.)

While I'm saving my pennies for the same planer as above, I've found that every mill I've gone to is more than willing to give me the exact thickness I need. The rough lumber costs the same whether I plane it or not.

For now I'm still borrowing some tools and working on my brother's band saw and jointer. It's a little inconvenient hauling my lumber up to his place but it's great spending time in the shop with him.

Re: Cradle in Maple, Ash and Cypress

Would you mind posting a picture of the headboard side?

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