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Mini-orb cabinet

Small cabinet with mini-orb corrugated steel panels. Made from recycled oregon.

Recent comments

Re: Small Bamboo Cabinet

I've heard that bamboo is hard on your tool - how did you find it? Where did you get the bamboo and the basket weave?

Re: Postmodern Chest of Drawers

I like the effect of polished metal highlights.

Re: Reed Bench

A very elegant and spare design and execution. Congratulations!

Re: Reed Bench

A very elegant and spare design and execution. Congratulations!

Re: Harvest Table

Those are really nice chairs! Are any plans or construction details available?

Re: z chair

Very smart - but can I suggest that you shorten the feet - more like the Reitveldt Z-chair?

All the same - I like it a lot and I'd like to 'borrow' the concept one day!

Re: Is Danish Modern the furniture style of our time?

Are we collectively kidding ourselves?

For all of the American icons that Malouf, Nakjima, Esherik, or Wendell Castle, the dominant designs in Fine Woodworking magazine are Greene & Greene and Arts and Crafts, or Federation or Shaker styles, with a smattering of green wood rustic (Windsor style. (I didn't include Krenov, because his influence was on the way of work, not the 'style').

So where does Danish Modern fit? For me, it is another reference point. I'd argue that most of us are most influenced by un-named designers - designers who produced the furniture we grew up with...

If we are so darned modern, why are there so many reproductions of Eames chairs or Bruer chairs out there? And why are non-US designers like Sergio Rodriquez almost invisible?

I'm not sure that I have any answers. I suspect that we should quite early on decide if we are to make 'art' or furniture. I'd rather make some nice pieces that people use and enjoy and keep.

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