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Re: Shop Talk Live 23: Cuba's Forgotten Furniture Masterpieces

epirnik my question was if any of that caoba made it to mexico.
About the maker of the furniture i knew who he was my grandma lived next door to him.
Thinking about it i guess it really does not matter the important thing is that i get to pass on these works of art to the next generation and hope that they have the same appreciation for the skill and craftsmanship that these fine woodworkers had no matter their nationality.
Thanks again for having these type of discusions.
keep up the good work.

Re: Shop Talk Live 23: Cuba's Forgotten Furniture Masterpieces

I would like to ask if any of you know if some of this mahogany made it to mexico. Because i happen to be lucky enough to have had my grandmothers dresser passed on to me.
Since i was a kid, my grandmother would tell her story of how my grandfather saved all his pennys (i ment pesos) back in 1915 to have a dresser and a huge trunk made out of mahogany.
While attending woodworking school in mexico i took the trunk to class, thats were my teacher told me it was made of Caoba Centenaria.
Now could this be Honduran or Philippine mahogany or maybe cuban or dominican mahogany.
How can i tell them apart?

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