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Birthday: 07/26/1978

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Flamingo workbench

This is my newest workbench I offer custom-made to anyone who wants to purchase one.


This is just a side table made of ash and beech, then it got tained and vintage effect white painted. Japanese furniture and style is my main inspiration. Feedback are very welcome, thanks folks !  

Recent comments

Re: Matsuri

Thanks a lot for such positive feedback

Re: Video: How to Flatten Wide Boards

It is a beautyful approach to thicknessing but I will never use a shoulder plane in the plce of a scrub plane

Re: Workbench (based on Lon Schleining's)

A wonderful classic. Great inspiration

Re: Bend a Solid Oak 2x6 on Edge? Yup!

I didnt know it. Impressive

Re: Praktrik-ally impossible furniture

Very funny

Re: Clark & Williams are now Old Street Tool, Inc.

I have no words enought to express how much I love this tools
simply marvelous

Re: Baby planes

So cute, you must get lot of fun with them, I like the ibex ones and the ones in metal colour

Re: Williamsburg, Day 2: Mind-Blowing 3-Way Miter Joint

So much beautyful, this is exactly the work I most like to use at building furniture

Re: Bowl Turning Head-to-Head: Man vs. Man+Machine

Hi friend, to me the point is that in the case you work with "shopmade machines" it increases a bit the effort I guess. But you know I´m a giant lover for handtools and if I was asked I´d go for the Man
Once I also saw a contests with dovetails, saw+chisels VS electric router. What I noticed was that if you have to make a number of joints it is obviously the machine is preferable but if you have a pair of dovetail I bet it is quicker making it by hand and more personable
I imagine this is the first reason human looked for machines long time ago
So long and big hug !!

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Greene and Greene Furniture: Poems of Wood & Light by David Mathias

These clean and clear performances just give straight inspiration to masters and artisans
Exquisite !

Re: Power surface planers for the Japanese tool lover in you

Wow I had never seen such a big shavings before.
You can spend a lifetime seeking the perfect shaving and it would have been worth
I hope I will be able to make a precision wooden handplane sooner or later
I love sushi by the way hahahaha

Re: Singa me a Songa

Well it has something from the cajon but those are luxury cajones and sound very sweet To be honest I dont like the spanish cajon very much

Re: The long, winding road to Fine Woodworking

Que grande eres Bloyu esto no es impresionante es MARVELOUS !!! madre mia que talento Tiene que ser dificilisimo hacer eso (como todos los instrumentos) pero tocarlo no tiene que ser nada facil
Un saludo

Re: Singa me a Songa

this is really impressive, and a musician like you Bloyu must be charmed by these beautyful and melodious pieces
Great to know about this wonderful art

Re: Spanish woodworker shares finer points of side rabbet planes

Hey there, I´m so happy for this unexpected accolade. Both of you mates are wonderful people. Your kind words pay any effort I could make
I chose this pair of planes because trimming when you work almost unplugged is essencial, and this tools are always ready to go. No need too much adjustments and work highly accurate. I also must say that at the beginning the planes are not very easy to try, but after understanding how the blade act you will be satisfied with your purchase, and be carefull because they are pretty addictive O_*
I was considering which brand to buy but obviously the bronze and the fact of being two pieces made me fell in love.
Heirloom quality tools !

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