Audrey Greenwood, Sydney, NSW, AU

Audrey Greenwood is the marketing director at Boomerang Boxes, a company that hires plastic boxes in Sydney. She has been in the business of moving and storage for 20 years and joined the team at Boomerang after years of frustration watching huge amounts of cardboard boxes used in most moving companies being discarded, and hearing people constantly complain about them, simply became too much.

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Gender: Female

Birthday: 06/18/1987

Recent comments

Re: Mahogany, Oak, and Ebony Storage Bench

Vilkman is known for clean lines in his design, just like how he manages to make this hardwood storage look light and minimalist – something that is hard to achieve with the grains of mahogany, oak and ebony.

Re: Full Wall Bookcase & Seat Storage

Prop some cushions on the storage seats and this versatile bookcase also triples up as a reading corner. It is hard to come by solid wood bookcase these days that provides such vast storage ability.

Re: The Adjustable Screw

Adjustable components are key when you are trying to achieve something that is customisable for now or for future usage. Some examples I can think of right now are boxes that are used for accessories or jewellery. The top portion acts as a lid that can be tilted or opened in order to retrieve the belongings inside. Over time, when the amount of items inside increase, then the lid can be adjusted accordingly. That is one benefit of such adjustable component I can think of as of now. I guess there are probably many more items that need such adjustable components like furniture pieces too.

Re: Knife Box - Williamsburg, Part 2

Great technique you have got there. Thanks for sharing the video with us all. The design of the box definitely look complicated and intricate but with step-by-step guidelines like these, I think it is indeed possible. I have a few ideas of some other patterned boxes as well which I was afraid to experiment out initially. I guess with determination and some research, nothing is quite impossible. I love engaging my friends and family with such projects as I believe in family bonding that just gets everyone together doing something interesting and spending quality time together.

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