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Re: Update: The Handmade Skateboard by Matt Berger

I want this one....

Re: Make a Splined-Miter Picture Frame Without Clamps

Thank you for sharing Ben, I work on frames all the time and am always short on corner clamps, this will be of tremendous help in my shop.

Re: UPDATE: The Creative Woodturner by Terry Martin

Maybe this time..........

Re: Beautiful woodworking videos from around the world

Wow! one beautiful´s really cool.....don´t miss it

Re: Ingenious foot-powered lathe

Amazing, that´s an awesome project

Re: Amazing Bed in a Box

I´m ready to tackle something like this, it´s a most creative project. Would you consider sharing it on a magazine article? This is the kind of stuff we love to see at FWM

Re: Gets a Makeover

Notice a big improvement, love the new features, Congratulations on a job well done

Re: UPDATE: Hand Planing Techniques by Hendrik Varju

Send it this way!!!! Thanks

Re: UPDATE: Sharpening & Tuning Hand Planes and Chisels by Hendrik Varju

Count me in

Re: UPDATE: Practical Furniture Design from Fine Woodworking

This is one book I really want

Re: UPDATE: Dovetail Techniques with Stephen Hammer

Write me down, I really enjoyed these videos

Re: UPDATE: Fine Woodstrip Canoe Building from Bear Mountain Boats

Count me in

Re: Behold, the Speed Tenon

Been working like this for several years, it's just not a technique for the average weekend woodworker but it definitely has a place in full time professional woodworking. It´s good for tenons and even short dado cuts. I never had any bad experiences with this method; as long as your workpiece is firmly supported on both mitre gauge/fence and you know where your fingers are at all times there should be no problem. I think a good concise article explaining this technique thoroughly would place it within the reach of experienced FW readers.

Re: UPDATE: Building Small Cabinets by Doug Stowe

Write me down,I´ll buy it if I don´t win it..

Re: UPDATE: Using and Tuning Your Bandsaw by Hendrik Varju

Looks like something I want, count me in.

Re: Lamello's Zeta is a Knockout Tool for Knock-Down Furniture

Nope, no use for this one, would be nice to look at it though. Guess you would have to build quite a lot of Ikea style furniture in order to justify something like this..

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: The Frugal Woodturner by Ernie Conover

Maybe this time.........

Re: Does MDF Belong in Fine Furniture?

Ed, only uses I can think of around my shop for mdf is either temporary jigs or the spoilboard on the cnc. I dread every time I have to install and flatten a new spoilboard, dust just gets everywhere. Other than that I don´t see much use for it anywhere quality work is concerned, mdf is just a bad start for any kind of FW.

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: How to Make Picture Frames, from American Woodworker

Me, me, me!!!!!!!!!

Re: UPDATE: DVD Giveaway: Wood Science & Design by Hendrik Varju

An excellent teacher, I need this one!

Re: When You Have Your Accident

I am a full time woodworker and policy regarding machinery is simple, it is 100% attention or no power tool work for the day. Going to bed late at night, overworking, worries, and so on will surely lead to disaster. There is still enough work to be done without risking a crippling injury. I would rather skip over a deadline than skip over my fingers any time. Couldn´t agree more with you about push sticks, make a bunch ank keep them close at all times.

Re: Are CNC machines ready for Fine Woodworking?

Most definitely, it is time to open up to CNC technology. I own a Shopbot in my one man shop business and the variety and quality of work possible with this machines is incredible. Up to 40% of my work is done with it, doors, furniture, decorative accents, you name it. Parts or even whole projects that would take weeks to complete using standard power or hand tools are possible within hours and otherwise impractical or complex elements are within reach in a CNC. The availability of these machines to the small workshop is increasing everyday and new ideas and creations otherwise hidden would have the right outlet in Fine Woodworking. I understand that not everybody needs or enjoys the speed and complexity a CNC can deliver but there is much to learn from this segment of the woodworking community.

Re: UPDATED: Giveaway and Poll: The Most Requested Woodworking Gifts of 2009

Yes, an adjustable mouth block plane from LN will be high on my list, it is one of those "woodworking life little treasures" you can´t live without.

Re: Is it OK to sell furniture based on FWW articles?

I think Russell Jensen´s answer said it all, we all find inspiration, ideas, and just plain cool projects in FWW and if somebody puts them together and sells a few, well, good for them because they built a beautiful object that somebody liked enough to buy it. On the other hand if a project is literally copied in order to mass produce it or funds a whole business then the builder needs at the very least be granted permission to do so or agree on some sort of compensation for the author. Projects and ideas will be copied and sold no matter what, if a how to article is printed it is expected that people will build the project.

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