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Re: Router Accident is a Great Lesson in Climb Cutting

I think I'm going to paint direction-of-bit-rotation circular arrows around the hole in my table inserts. That should help me visualize what is going on before I start cutting. If you are not moving the edge of the piece you are routing against the arrow heads, you are going for a ride. Yes, you can just look at the bit before turning the router on, but once its spinning, it is just a directionless blur.

Re: Behold, the Speed Tenon

I hate to see things kept from me to avoid lawsuits. If we keep following this path, we will wind up not being able to buy knives and forks at some point. It has to be stopped somewhere.

If this method of cutting tenons has merit over and above the dado set method, PLEASE tell me about it. (Hmmm, you already have, haven't you?)

If there is fear of this being dangerous, then yes, offer it as an online piece so readers watch video to see how it is done.

And how about backing that up with a link to a short series of table saw safety videos PROMINENTLY displayed on that online page?

I think you could do a great service by showing that link on a regular basis. Make it interesting by showing how the lack of a riving knife can send a spinning board slamming into a wall behind the operator. Show how ejection works with a similar dramatic demonstration. And show how to avoid both situations

I think a good series on what can go wrong, HOW it can go wrong, and how to avoid these traps would be a great service to all woodworkers.

If you've already done it and I just didn't see it. I apologize.

If such a production would be too expensive for one magazine, maybe it could be a joint venture?

Maybe you could finally get the manufacturers behind this? Perhaps the latest legal actions will convince them that they can't hide behind the "problem, what problem" facade any more.

And even if every table saw built from this second forward used SawStop technology, that would still sentence us to decades of injuries from the saws that are already out there.

The education has to be done.

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