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Re: It's impossible to cheat at woodworking

This is a great post, Matt. I couldn't agree more.

Re: Woodworkers in the Northeast, Unite!

Thanks for helping to spread the woodworking cheer, Ed. We appreciate the promotion and look forward to seeing everyone at Bacchus & at Fine Woodworking Live.

One more thing, If you're a woodworker on twitter, use and follow the hashtag #FWWLive2012 to keep up with all the event's excitement.

Dyami Plotke

Re: What I've Learned About the Online Woodworking Community

Thanks for listening to the community, assesing your comments and considering the impact they had. We look forward to moving passed them and working with Fine Woodworking to further the craft we all love.


Re: Video Sneak-Peek of New Groundbreaking Video Workshop Series

Are you guys suggesting that hand planing melamine isn't actual woodworking? I guess I'll have to hang up my shop apron. :-(

Re: UPDATE: Fine Woodworking Best Workbenches from the editors of Fine Woodworking and a special magazine issue, Workbenches.

The books look neat. I'm looking forward to reading them and adding to the list of ideas I need to incorporate on my upcoming Clockwork Bench.

Re: The sad (and bloody) story of what happened when I made a saw

I'm glad you're ok. Thanks for sharing the lesson (and the great drawings).

Re: IWF Alert: Porter-Cable jig makes pocket screws faster and easier

Looks like a winner except for the one killer feature of the K3 jig. Does it have dust collection?

Re: Woodcraft signs on to sponsor Tommy MacDonald's WGBH woodworking show

I can't wait for the show air. I enjoy Tommy's videos tons and being able to DVR them would be a blessing in my less than totally connected house.

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: 500 Tables (Updated with winner)

Mmm . . . The smell of a Bosch. Puts me in the mood for Beck's and brautworst.

Please excuse that I was not able to spellcheck brautworst.

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Contemporary Hawaii Woodworkers by Tiffany DeEtte Shafto and Lynda McDaniel

The book looks very interesting. I'm curious to see what woods they use.

Re: Cool Accessory for Festool Dust Extractors

Do the Festool hoses fit the dust deputy? The hoses in the photo don't seem to be Festool.

Re: VIDEO REPLAY: Tenon Shootout: Hand vs. Power Tools

Thanks for the link to my photo page. I hope everyone enjoys them. I sure enjoyed the event.

Re: Bench Cookie Giveaway

Even Cone Monsters love Cookies!

Re: Hand v. Power Tool Showdown: Watch it Live Online Nov. 12

Will the competition include the time to hook the sander up to a vacuum and install sandpaper and the time to sharpen a plane blade and set up a plane? If not, isn't it an unfair competition? Sanders set up in seconds and planes in minutes. That should be factored into the contest.

Re: Benchtop Tablesaws: We Want Your Feedback

I have a Bosch 4000 with the gravity rise table. I have loved it for about 5 years. It's the only benchtop saw I would consider as it has performed equal to any contractor's saw I have used and the fence is great. I would also recommend Forrest blades, as they'll make almost any saw sing.

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