Canton, GA, US

I am a software architect by profession, but have been doing woodwork since high school. I am mostly self taught mainly from FWW. I have done 2 beginners courses at Dogwood School here in Atlanta, GA.

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Krenov Plane

After many attempts at using a shooting board always resulted in a mess I realized my jack plane was not square from the base to the sides. I concluded that the solution to my problem was a Krenov...

Row of bowls

I got back into doing some turning, so here are a couple of my bowls. Mostly out of poplar, but also out of maple and cherry. The cherry blank had cracked so I filled it with red epoxy.

Natural Picture Frame

My mother did this painting of my wife and I and it needed a frame. So I made a natual frame from a piece of red oak firewood. 

Blanket Chest

Blanket Chest from FWW #203 just a bit shorter with only one panel on each side. It is made from cherry and maple. I finished it with shellac and wipe on poly. This is my first attempt at a chest and...

Krenov cabinet

I have always wanted to build a Krenov Cabinet and the chance came to build a new display cabinet. It is made of curly maple which was tricky to work with. I followed the article in FWW208...


We needed a pair of foot rests for watching TV. And I had recently got a lathe so I set about building these. The legs are walnut and the sides maple. It was a simple design and a simple process...

From tree to picture frame

I needed to make a piture frame for a painting of my dog Nita. I had looked at various pieces of wood in my pile but nothing took my fancy. Then I finally got round to cutting down a dead tree in my...

Candle sticks on the lathe

I had a lot of fun creating candle holders. I did discover that not all tea lights are created equall. I had the stands all finished and them opened a new pack of tea lights to put in them to...

Turned bowls

I have had fun over the holiday period while i have been on vacation learning to turn bowels on my lathe. Here are a selction I still have a long way to go before I become proficeient but I am...

Saddle back stool

I was asked to make a stool for a friend. I did the woodwork and he made the seat. It was a learning experiance I must say. The angles messed me around but in the end I got it right. 

Picture Frame

My mother who is an artist gave me this painting so I had to make a frame. I had some walnut and she suggested the gold paint. That was done with a spray can after covering the rest of the frame with...

Free lathe

While on visiting a friends house on vaction we were standing in his shop looking at his new Nova lathe he said that he must give his old lathe to someone who would use it. I said he could give it to...

Tray and Easel

  My wife volunteers at a local hospital and was asked to provide something for a silent auction. So I was tasked with making an easel and a tray. I had been looking for an opportunity to do...

Restored Thonet rocker

I picked up a Thonet Rocker for $15 at a yard sale. Not knowing what it was. The center ring was cracked and I only realised that when I get home. The cane was all in good order which made it...

Tool Cabinet

After buying a new set of Narex chisels I decided I needed a nice tool cabinet. So I set out to make one. I then re-read Tolpin's tool cabinet book and decided on a plan. So here is my tool cabinet...

Small Table from firewood.

One day I was picking up some pieces of firewood from my pile and thought I could use this to make a table leg. So as I collected the wood for the fire I would collect pieces that looked good and put...

Basement Shop

In my previous house I had to work in a double garage and really got tired of moving tools around. So when we moved I found a house with an unfinished basement so I could have dedicated spaceThis...

Tea box

I am a tea drinker and like a variety of teas. So when the need came for a place to keep the tea I decided it was time to make a tea box. We planned on keeping the box in the cupboard so we...

A small display shelf

I wanted to display somethings in a safe place so I decided to make a small display shelf. It is made out of bass. It is very simple with the shelves dadoed in. I went for a 1/2inch dado and...

A tray and recipe book stand

I am going to visit my uncle, aunt and a cousin I have not seen in 30 years. So I decided to make some gifts as we are staying at their house. So I made the tray out of ash and the recipe book stand...

My first box

This is my first box. After I built a sled for the tray I decided to make a box. I used basswood because I want to learn the different types of wood. The keys and top are red oak. I used the FWW "2...

Tea Tray

One item I like to make are trays. I find most bought trays are very small especially when trying to take breakfast to your wife. I often make them as presents because you can never have too many...

Large lessons from a small project

After finishing the bookcase in my previous post I realized that I needed a couple of bookends to hold up the books. I thought a quick and easy project which actually means I do not need to plan...

Philip C. Lowe bookcases

  I needed a pair of bookcases so after watching the Philip C. Lowe series of videos on making a bookcase I got inspired and got to work. I did it as close as possible to thenbsporiginal...

Side Tables

I made two side tables for our lounge. They legs are cherry the rest is maple.

Side Tables

These are my first real attempt at "Fine Woodworking" after setting up my shop over the last year and half. I now now have a reasonable setup. A Rigid granite top table saw , Rigid 12" thickness...

Recent comments

Re: Shop Talk Live 15: Curvy Cabinet Conundrum

I am not sure who looks after your website but it a real pain to use on a mobile browser. The fancy bar that should be at the bottom is always in the middle and it covers the "Listen to podcast" link so this page is useless. Not very friendly for something that is meant to be used on a mobile device.

Hopefully you can get that fixed, but as it has been like that for ages I am not very hopeful.

As I mentioned before what happened to the videos, was there not a need because I have not listened to them since you stopped doing the videos.

What about other distribution channels other than iTunes not everyone uses Apple products.

Making things easier to use and getting it onto more channels will help in spreading the good work.

Re: Shop Talk Live 13: Where Christian Becksvoort is Shinin' on Me

What happened to the videos and why do I have to use iTunes?

Re: UPDATE: Practical Furniture Design from Fine Woodworking

Sign me up

Re: From tree to picture frame

I think it is hickory but I really have not idea.

Re: Candle sticks on the lathe

I started with a 4x4x4 blank so the max diameter is just less than that. The tea light I started with was 1.5in but I had to increase it by about 1/16 for the new lights.

Re: Garrett Hack Huntboard - Another Twist

That is really really nice. Well done. I also enjoy Garrett's work.

Re: Occupy Woodworking

That is awesome. Now time to go to my workshop.

Re: Free lathe

Mine had a carriage bolt that was catching. I filled it flat and smoothed the plate now the tail stock moves nicely.

Re: Fine Woodworking and the iPad

I tried to use the digital issue on the Galaxy Tab it loads the flash, but it is not touch friendly at all. So really it not even a question of flash or no flash it is about touch enabled devices in general. I use Andriod and it handlea flash fine it still needs to be designed for touch interfaces. Even Windows7 and 8 are built for touch. Whatever technology you use it must be bult for touch devices.

Re: red oak and walnut desk

I like the color contrast and the legs. Are you putting a handle on the draw?

Re: Twin Bonnet Tops

Great work how many hours did it take? For the first time I an tracking hours on my current project.

Re: Solo microBootlegger

Looks amazing. It must be really satisfying to canoe with something you built.

Re: At Last... FW Videos on the iPad

Works well on the Andriod as well thanks

Re: Basement Shop

I worked in a mess when I had to work from a garage. So now I make an effort to keep it clean. Woodwork should be fun and a pleasure and for me it cannot be than when I am constantly looking for tools and having to work around a mess.

I also find I do better work working in a clean shop than when it is a mess.

Re: A Modest Shop

Awesome hand tools and wonderful work that was created by them. I am just really getting into the hand tool work myself. I would live to make some planes at some point. Keep up the good work and stay true to your heart and craft and the reward will come.

Re: Step Stool

My wife loves the one I built for her as well. I also used that article for hers. I used Cypress.

Re: My first box

I first tried a lid in some ash but he grains clashed and I had a piece of red oak so I went with that.

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