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Gary Rogowski on how woodworking fulfills him

Woodworking provides a needed escape from high technology

Cat and woodworker saved by joinery

Can your woodworking joinery protect you from this sort of mishap?

50 years of Simon Watts' work now on DVD

Simon Watts furniture maker selling his original plans

Detached 2-car garage shop

Funny how the drawing makes my 440 s. f. shop look spacious. That's probably because my actual shop is full of wood scraps, plywood scraps, motorcycle parts, and whatever else needs a temporary...

Stanley Works Acquires Black & Decker for $4.5 billion

The Stanley Works and Black & Decker have merged.

"T-Chisel" has a new website for woodworkers

Thomas MacDonald, a Boston-based furniture maker, has created a new instructional website for woodworkers called Major League Woodworking.

Surgeon slices fingers on tablesaw

Looking at the dangerous technques at play here, it's no wonder that this woodworker, a vascular surgeon, seriously injured himself on his tablesaw. This video is rated VB for Very Bloody.

Wooden hat blocks -- bandsaw skills that you may never need

The craft of hat block making is running short of skilled tradespeople. This video shows a craftsman cutting wooden blanks for hat blocks on the bandsaw.

Free Plan Blog goof-up

I want to apologize for a series of errors that we made this week on our free-plan link, which was included in our eletter. We have now fixed the problems and you can download the free humidor plan here:

Turntables for woodophiles

What's old is new again. Vinyl fanatics can now choose turntables that have real wood housings

Roy Underhill opens woodworking school

Learn how to cut joints the traditional way with the star of PBS' long-running TV series, "The Woodwright's Shop."

Project plans go digital

Fine Woodworking opens a digital plan store where you can buy project plans for download. The digital package includes measured drawings in PDF format, a SketchUp version, as well as a cutlist and full-size drawings for critical parts and templates.

Coffee Table

I made this maple coffee table for my daughter and as a pro for an article in Fine Woodworking magazine on how to make bent laminations.

Fireside Chopping: How to Make a Wooden Spoon

Ever dream about woodworking in your living room? Here's one bloke who does -- with an ax. Join one man and his dog and watch a hand-crafted spoon take shape from an alder log.

Unusual ads from the good ol' days

In the last few weeks I’ve spent a lot of time poring over mind-numbing databases while working on the upcoming DVD archive product. To keep from going blind, I’ve allowed myself some...

Entertainment center

This was my first big project, an entertainment center built somewhat in the Arts & Craft style. It’s got a lot of storage, but the shape is not suitable for the newer wide-screen TVs...

Recent comments

Re: Gary Rogowski on how woodworking fulfills him

Apologies for the lack of warning in regards to the one instance of coarse language, about 40 seconds into the video. We should have rated this one R.

Re: Shop Talk Live 1: The Big Debut

You can buy micro mesh pads in very fine grits, up to 12,000 for sure.

Re: Patient takes the Design Doctor's advice

I am impressed. Brian, you really took the advice and pulled if off. The piece has a delicate, modern flavor with a hint of Asian inspiration. It really sits well, as the various elements work well together. Bravo!

Re: Quick-Acting Vise Reinvented: New Design by Len Hovarter

Nice to see someone take an old idea and reinvent it. Hope it works as good as it sounds.

Re: I Might Have the Answer You Need

If you get another call about that wooden toy, tell the caller that the toy from "Witness" was a marble wizard or marble racer. It's basically a series of wooden tracks built into a type of maze contraption. Marbles are dropped onto the tracks, which tilt and move.

Re: A Claro Walnut Slab Table

I really like the design of the table's metal base, and the chairs, too.

Re: End of an Era

I never thought a bookcase could make me smile! Nice work. You could also name this piece "The Critic" and dump romance novels all over the floor.

Re: The Faces of Woodworking

Yeah right, "Hank Gilpin." I know you were hanging out with Larry David. Who knew he was a woodworker?

Re: M*A*S*H's Colonel Potter in Fine Woodworking

I think I still have a few cans of Carver Tripp finishes collecting dust in a corner of my shop. Shows you how well I keep up with maintenance.

Collector's item? Maybe someone on eBay will buy them.

Re: Expose Yourself: Official Contest Rules

Click on the big black bar at the top of the page that says "Expose Yourself".

That takes you to a page that has an "Enter Your Project" button near the top, on the right.

If you've never registered on the site, it's a simple process, just fill out the short form. This is open to all -- you do not have to be a subscriber to the website.

Good luck!

Re: The ICON

Very cool. Great to see a new take on an old form. Did you develop the clock face?

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