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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

What else do you expect the way the court system works anymore. Everyone else is responsible for your errors, except you. I too have an an older saw but wanted the protection offered by the Sawstop technology. Should I ask Sears to retro fit my 25 year old saw or spend the money and buy a Sawstop. Since it appears I (and most of the bloggers here) are in the the dwindling number who take personal responsiblity, I bought a Sawstop. HUMM, maybe all us Crafstamsn owners should file a class action suit aginst Sears for the added cost since I could not retro fit my 25 year old saw. It is quite obvious that Sears should have known 25 years ago this technology could have been created, yet they sold the saw anyway. Put me at risk for 25 years, the mental anguish, the fear of sawdust. The HORROR of it all. Where do I go from here. (The above above after HUMM was sarcasm in case anyone took it seriously). One blog had a good point, will or should the court no ban all saws other than Sawstop or cars other than Volvo.

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