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Re: Salt and Vinegar: Nature's Rust Remover

I used the vinegar method on several old Starret spring dividers that I had bought on eBay, and though they all cleaned up nicely every one of the springs broke in half during re-assembly. Better add spring steel to your aluminum caveat!

Re: UPDATE: Fine Woodworking's Tables and Chairs

My fingers are crossed!

Re: STL 55: Mike's Tool Chest Disaster

I was interested in hearing about the tool chest disaster. That's the only reason I had for clicking on that link. What time does that segment start? Or do you expect me to slog through an hour of material to find the few minutes of relevant info??

Re: Fixing my miscut, dovetailed rail

Nice fix. I recently split an end table leg at that same spot myself while chopping out the socket. Although I have high regard for Christian Becksvoort, the proportions for the dovetail here ( seem a bit more in "balance", looking at the different modes of possible failure of both mating pieces.

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