John Hersey, Kennebunk, ME, US

I've been wood working as a hobby for about 19 years. My full time job is an electronic technician at a aerospace factory. I have the smallest workshop in the world so when I do projects I usually need to back my truck out of the garage and use that space. I've made intarsia, furniture, cabinets, built my current garage and a previous house. I've always admired the readers gallery and awesome projects and articles in Fine Woodworking magazine.

Gender: Male

Birthday: 10/15/1964

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chippendale lowboy

This is a project that came from Frank Gottshalls: "Making Furniture Masterpieces". It took me 6 months to make and is made from rough sawn oak that I dried and planed. The legs feet front rail...

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Re: chippendale lowboy

The book is amazing, I think the most magnificent peice is the corner shell cupboard. Frank Gotshall was deifinetely talented, too bad there weren't more like him. His techniques for having a raised carving from a solid board are referred to as impossible by other professionals.

Re: chippendale lowboy

I built this out of oak because I had some oak left over from when I built my workbench. I do have a bunch of pictures from when I was building it but not on the internet.

Re: Tool Chest with an Arts & Crafts Legacy

Great video, very inspiring.

Re: Bench Cookie Giveaway

Those cookies look pretty good. I was in Rockler the other day and they feel pretty soft and squishy but I wonder how well they'll grab after repeated use? Has anyone tried them yet?

Re: chippendale lowboy

Oak isn't easy to carve. This piece took a lot of hours.

Re: Boston Bombe Chest

WOW, this is absolutely wonderful. I've always wanted to make one of these. WOW! Where did you ever get the 12/4 African Mahogany plank? What's the beeding made from? This is just beutiful.

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