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I liked an old picture of my mother in law so I cut one out of cherry. I made the frame from the same board and used the sapwood on the inside edge. Finish is a sprayed lacquer and the picture is...

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Re: 50 Cent Chisels

The mallet looks like dogwood too. Nice job. It makes you feel good to salvage a nice quality older tool, instead of buying new and not as good.

Re: Tim Rousseau style hall table

Very nice use of grain in the wood. The finish is very well done also. A pleasure to see. Thank you for your post.

Re: Hickory Cradle

Nicely done. I would like to see it broken down as well, as cradles are used for such a short time that storing this broken down is a big plus.

Re: Drilling Holes on the Lathe

The tip for the type of drill bit to use is helpful too! Nice Jig.

Re: How to make a sacrificial rip fence that never wears out

Good tip. It is such a simple thing but solves a lot of problems - a much better way to do things.
I don't like the clamps hanging over. Rockwell has some clamps that can be inserted into holes drilled into the top of the sacrificial fence that keep them away from your hands. I use them with three fences 1) used as shown in the pictures, 2) a short one to use as a stop block when making offcuts, and 3) to securely hold a tall fence (the tall fence is glued to a shorter one with the holes for the clamps).
For the purposes of the blog, standard clamps make it a lot easier to see what is being done. Again, good tip!

Re: William & Mary Style Round End Table

Very nice. I like your showing the glue up. A close up of the base would have been appreciated as it is well proportioned and nicely joined.

Re: Cherry Leaf Box

I really like the leaf detail. The walnut stem is a nice touch and probably keeps the leaf from breaking when lifting and closing the top. I like the way you thought that out.

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