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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

Greetings all from Aotearoa/New Zealand

Sorry to enter this conversation at this late stage but my August mag has only just reached me this week. One of the challenges of being "downunder"!

I am delighted to see that others in this blog share my outrage at the stupidity of this decision. My angst comes from seeing (over the second half of my life) the litigiousness of modern western societies, enabled by the legal profession and the insurance industry, supported by courts, (mainly I perceive in the United States), to make risk aversion a national (and now international) pastime! The media love such stories and it seems journalistic competencies are limited to who they can find to blame!
The consequence is the minimisation of individual responsibilty and the skill to manage risk. In our schools, for example, now we are not able to allow children to climb above 1.5m (5ft)! Reason: safety and insurance! How do children learn to find their own limits and risk management skills?

This case is frightening in its consequences and the messages it gives our citizens about being in charge of themselves. The children I am seeing are getting hold of this concept fast. How will they manage their futures, I wonder? What will the costs be in both lost human potential and in the sheer economics of living in the modern world, as insurance costs escalate beyond what is in any way reasonable and sustainable?

Re: James Krenov: 1920 - 2009

Hi all

I was another of those who attended the 1983 workshop in Wellington, New Zealand and was inspired by Krenov's gentle presence, skills and attitudes. He signed a poster for me, which I still have. It says:
"It's about a lot of little things. They do matter. Enjoy them!"
It has become a mantra for me, transferable to many other activities in my life. A memorable time; a memorable man!

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