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Re: A Simple Door Pull of Copper and Wood

Nice and simple and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: 4 "issues" of The Missing Shop Manual series

What a contest asking me to think of something intelligent to say just so i can win some books...well I can't think of anything intelligent, so...

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Esherick, Maloof, Nakashima: Homes of the Master Wood Artisans by Tina Skinner

I'm sure looking forward to reading about all my heroes in one book.

Re: Is the Radial Arm Saw on its Last Legs?

I have been using RAS for over 30 years. I originally bought one because it combined more functions than any other machine I could afford. I still have all my fingers and have never had a major accident. I have put a big ding in my overhead door with a board shooting back but I have also put one in the shop wall using the TS. I now have two RAS in my shop. Unfortunately one is being razzed for parts for the newest one. I have not been able to find parts from any of the repair shops that claim to repair power tools of the brand. I love my RAS. I use it far more than my TS. I can't fathom how you think that the TS is more versatile. I use mine for everything from a drill press to ripping boards and jointing. The RAS does far more than a TS ever could. The RAS is as safe as the the TS as long as you take the time to set up carefully and take the same precautions that one would with the TS. I also have a miter saw but I only use it for work away from my shop. I say time to stop all the TS propaganda against the RAS and get on with demonstrations using the RAS. If the magazines would only do that I think more people would be using one.

Re: Tool Chest

I would have expected something unique, functional and creative from you Tom. You have not disappointed.

Re: Shop Cabinets

Bother, their nicer than our kitchen.

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

I think that because of the way the system has evolved Americans sue each other much to often. In Canada we assume that a person has a responsibility to use a machine, instrument or other dangerous equipment carefully and that the responsibility for doing so is theirs. If we find something dangerous we lobby both the manufacturer and our member's of parliament to get it changed. If that doesn't work we have a very responsible press who will report on the problem. We have a greater sense of civic responsibility, I think, rather than and an individual rights approach to the world. However, having read the struggle the inventor of the of the SawStop technology had in getting it licensed, there would seem to be culpability on both sides of this suit, especially since Ryobi had an early refusal. In Canada that would have been taken into account and the settlement would have been much lower, as low as expenses for rehab for the plaintive.

Re: Free Handplane Book Download for Online Members

Well Gina I am a fully paid up member and I have not yet in several tries over several weeks been able to download this. I resent the implication that those of us who are having trouble on this site are carrying less than a full load.

Re: Rice Paddy Inspired Cabinet

An extraordinary amount of work but the result is extraordinary. Beautiful.

Re: The Least of These

Major. Beautiful design, stunning craftsmanship and gorgeous wood.

Re: wall Cabinet

This is beautiful. Nice clean lines but with a twist.

Re: Grandson's treasure Chest

Exceptional work and wood. Want to be my grandpa?

Re: Oak Rocking Horse Top View

Very fancy. Some young person was lucky. Love the Louis IV hairdo.

Re: Coffee Table

Beautiful design, nice flowing lines with a mid-century/modern flair.

Re: Armchair

Beautiful design. Nice flowing lines.

Re: Bamboo inlayed bed

Majorly beautiful work. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Lilly/Hosta door

I like your eco-sense, creativity and skill. Beautiful work.

Re: The Ultimate Outdoor Finish

Hi folks,

I have for years built epoxy cedar strip canoes. Once when I was redoing my bathroom I used left over cedar with an epoxy and 2 coats of marine varnish for a shower surround. That was 20 years ago. I have recently visited the people who bought the place and the shower surround looks like it did originally. There are two problems with using this for a shower surround. The tops and bottoms of the boards must be well sealed with silicone to keep the back of the boards from becoming water logged. As well, soap and hard water scum show up easily. A good cleaner that removes the scum with out stripping the varnish is needed.

Re: Toy Kid Crane

Hey, this is great. I have a very active grandson who would love it. Are you willing to share your sketches? Or will you make me rub my few remaining hairs off trying to figure it out?

Re: Hall Bench

I have to agree with JHightower. Beautiful clean lines and simple curves make this quite stunning piece.

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