A.J. Venit, Charlotte, NC, US

I’ve been woodworking for the past 20 years as a hobby. I enjoy building furniture, boxes and turning pens.

My last project was a maple panel desk for my son. I made the top out of curly maple and the draw fronts were made from bird’s eye maple.

My current project is a humidor – I’m making it out of Bubinga and Ebony with a Spanish Cider lining.

Gender: Male

Recent comments

Re: STL 68: Maine Furniture Master Tim Rousseau

Matt - Nice job on the Tim Rousseau interview. I’m glad FWW will be doing more of these types of interviews in the future.


Re: Time to Build a Drill Press Table

Nice Ed!

Simple and straight forward auxiliary drill press table, you have inspired me to finally build mine.

Thanks for sharing.

By the way – that last podcast may go down as the funniest one of all times, everyone was on their A-Game that day.


Re: Treasure Box

Outstanding. Well Done ! I really like the purple heart on the inside.

Re: Shoe Shine Box

Outstanding. Love the design and the wood used. I may have to make one for myself, hope you don't mind.

Re: Shop Talk Live 40: From Compass Planes to Corrugated Planes

Another great podcast. Would love to see a picture of the signs M.C. made for everyone. (you all can't pronounce his name, so I'm not even going to attempt to spell it)


Re: Fine Woodworking Live Holds its First Build-Off

I got recruited at the last minute to be on one of the “Build Off” teams and had a blast. We did not intend to build our Adirondack chair oversized, but when you only have 90 minutes, one drill and one jig saw it just turned out that our chair was perfect for the average 6’ 10”, 400lbs person.

- Update -
The local New Haven Big and Tall Mans shop has expressed interest in purchasing the chair for about the same price as a Brian Boggs chair.

Re: Shop Talk Live 25: Time for a New Monster Workbench?

Another place to get great lumber in NC is from www.sawmillnc.com. Kyle Edwards runs this one man operation on his grandfather’s century farm, he's a great guy. He is located about 45 min north-west of Charlotte, NC in Iron Station, NC. If you’re close it worth a visit to his rustic location, especially if you’re looking for walnut, cherry or very large slabs.

Re: FineWoodworking.com Gets a Makeover


Really like the new look and feel. One issue - cant seem to find a way to save items to "my favorites".


Re: Pedestal Table

What the...? That looks crazy difficult. I'm assuming you hand cut all of the dovetails, no way I can think of doing it another way. How thick is the tablecloth part that hangs over? How many hours would you estimate the piece took you?

GREAT Craftsmanship !

Re: reclaimed cedar trestle table

Looks really good. I really like the beefiness of the table. Nice job, keep posting your work.

Re: Coffee table

Nicely Done. I really like the under bevel on the table top. Did you spray the Genearal Finish?

Re: Pennsylvania Spice Box

Outstanding. Love the grain pattern on your front panel, nice choice

Re: Shop Talk Live 17: Behind-the-Scenes at Lee Valley Tools

Well your sound bite give away did exactly what you wanted it to do, thus far increased your blog post by 3x...very simple and smart idea. Another great pod cast, keep up the good work.


PS - saw stop triggering

Re: Jewelry Armoire

Really nice!!! Well done Sir.

Re: Shop Talk Live 16: A Lethal Dose of PEG?

Another well done podcast. Solid content is the key. Hands down the best woodworking podcast out there. Much better than the other 3 guys doing a similar podcast, they often spend way to much time on one topic or go so far off topic that I have turned it off. Thanks for keeping the quality top notch...keep the "SHIP" sailing !!

Charlotte, NC

Re: maple, walnut, and ebony inlaid dovetail drawers

Outstanding...Love the inlay. What jig did you use? Leigh ? Do you know of any instructions on videos on doing the inlays? Thanks.

Re: Surfs Up

Outsanding !

Do you actally use them to surf? Did you do the fiberglassing or did you have it done?

Re: Watch the preview of Tommy Mac's new woodworking show

My DVR is set. Looking forward to it.

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