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Re: Radical Conversions: Creating Woodshops in Surprising Spaces

Some absolutely fantastic workshops. How I would love to have the space in my small back garden shop.

Re: Greg Brown Carves Out a Career

Absolutely fabulous carving, inspirational.

Re: Drawer pulls in tight spaces

A very neat solution. I have often said that the router is the most versatile power tool in the workshop.

Re: Span Trees: A German Craft Tradition

What a great video. Its amazing the accuracy achieved just with a hand chisel. I wonder how many would end up in the fire if I tried to replicate his skill !

Re: Ingenious foot-powered lathe

What a brilliant video. Woodturning and exercise combined, so much better than going to the gym !!!!

Re: Aled Lewis: Woodworking Odyssey

A very inspirational video. Be good to have a more in depth feature on this very talented maker.

Re: Woodworking with Ebony

I recently used some ebony for the first time on a jewellery box. The results were fantastic well worth the care needed to work it. I too found the a steeper angled plane and a scraper worked best and that when initially dimensioning the stock it took the edge off the table saw blade as if it was made of concrete !!! The only down side, apart from the cost, was that I seem to have a reaction to the dust if it came into contact with my face even though I wore a mask. I think if I use it again I will try wet sanding to try and stop airborn dust particles causing problems.

Re: Liam Flynn: Virtuoso Vessel Maker

Very inspirational , just shows you don't need loads of fancy kit and expensive timber to make fabulous turnings.

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: The Chairmaker's Workshop by Drew Langsner

This would be a great book to help make another piece of furniture I have looking to build for some time.

Re: James Krenov: 1920 - 2009

A truely inspirational woodworker who will be sadly missed. Thank goodness we still have his books to inspire future generations.

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