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Re: Book Giveaway: Arts & Crafts Furniture Projects

I enjoy building Arts & Craft style furniture. This book would be a big help in building furniture in the near future.
Thank You

Re: UPDATE: Furniture Design & Construction by Graham Blackburn

I like all the information I can get, so I build better Furniture.

Re: UPDATE: Making Frame and Panel Doors by Hendrik Varju

I am interested in making better Frame and Panel Doors. I do not get good square doors. I think this wood help. Thank for a chance to win.

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Beautiful Boxes: Design and Technique by Doug Stowe

It's time I started making smaller projects. A book on boxes would help me make better boxes.
Thank you for the chance to win a great book.

Re: UPDATE: Handmade Furniture: 21 Classic Woodworking Projects to Build for Your Home by Rafael Nathan

All the furniture I make is hand made. Maybe this book will help me build better furniture.
Thank you for the book

Re: UPDATE: Finishing Wood from Fine Woodworking

I just finished a project and had to get help. I still need a lot of help to get the finish I want. The way the finishing Co. are changing the finishes is making it harder and harder to get a great finish. I want all the help I can get, and this book should help get better finishes on my projects.
Thank You

Re: UPDATE: Fine Woodworking's Tables and Chairs

This would be a great book to have, so I could start making Chairs.
Thank you for the book .

Re: UPDATE: Why We Make Things and Why It Matters: The Education of a Craftsman by Peter Korn

Just maybe I w1ill win this book. It would be the first time.
I can use all the help I can get.

Re: Wedge is the secret to perfect angled mortise-and-tenon joints

I would love to see the inside of your two tool chest and how the tools are laied out.
Thank You

Re: UPDATE: Read a review of Wooden Boxes by the giveaway winner

I'm in need of a book that has small projects. My Bride of many years keeps saying I should build smaller projects. A book on boxes would help me to down size on the projects.
Looking forward to the copy being sent to me.
Thank You

Re: UPDATE: Blanket Chests by Scott Gibson and Peter Turner

It sounds like a great book. My library is very limited and help me add to this book to it.
Thank you

Re: UPDATE: The Unplugged Woodshop: Handcrafted Projects for the Home & Workshop by Tom Fidgen

I have been following two or three woodworkers that have been working without power tools. I want to do more by hand woodworking. I do some, but want to read this book so I can do more.
Thank You for letting me have a chance to win this interesting book.

Re: UPDATE: Mortise and Tenon Joinery by Hendrik Varju

After the mistakes I just made on some joints, I would say I need this Mortise and Tenon Joinery book now.
Thank You

Re: UPDATE: In the Greene & Greene Style: Projects and Details for the Woodworker by Darrell Peart

A nice Book. I enjoy building Craftsman style furniture. The next step is Green &Green This would help me pick out a piece to build.
Thank You

Re: UPDATE: Turning Wood with Richard Raffan, 3rd edition

I need this book.
I need this book to learn how to turn.
I need this book to do it SAFELY.
Thanks for the chance win

Re: UPDATE: Best Workshops from the editors of Fine Woodworking

I can always use help making my workshop use the space more effective. I think would help alot.
Thank For The Book.

Re: UPDATE: Carving in the Round by Andrew Thomas and How to Carve Wood by Richard Butz

Thank you for the chance a book that would help me become a wood carver in the round. It looks like fun.

Re: UPDATE: The Foundations of Better Woodworking by Jeff Miller

I could always use any help to make me a better woodworker. I wold like in 2013 to build more complicated projects.

Re: UPDATE: Routers & Router Tables from the editors of Fine Woodworking

This would be a great Book to add to my limited Library. It would help me be a better Router user. Thank for the chance to win one.

Re: UPDATE: Sharpening & Tuning Hand Planes and Chisels by Hendrik Varju

This is needed to help me so I can have sharper hand tools. I spent two & a half days sharping Chisels and plane blades. They are a lot sharper, but I think they could be sharper. This book would help me learn a better way to sharpen tools and get good real sharp tools.

Re: UPDATE: Arts & Crafts Style Coffee Table with Gregory Paolini

I have seen the finished table in Grogery's shop and it is beautiful. Now I need the DVD and plans so I can build one to go with my building of his Morris chair.
I would think it is my turn to win.
Thank You

Re: UPDATE: Dovetail Techniques with Stephen Hammer

I can make a Machine & Template Dovetail, that looks ok. Please don't ask me to make a Hand Cut Dovetail. This DVD would be a big help towards me making very nice Dovetails. I am waiting on the mailman to bring me this copy of this very good DVD. I know that Stephen Hammer knows how to make Dovetails.
Thank You

Re: UPDATE: Google SketchUp Guide for Woodworkers - The Basics with Dave Richards

I have tried to learn Sketchup, but to this point I have not gotten very far. It is my turn to get the help I need to be able to build better projects with Sketchup.
Thank you for asking if I needed help.

Re: UPDATE: DVD Giveaway: Fine Woodworking 2011 Annual Collection

It sure would be nice to get a present from Fine Woodworking after all the years I have taken Fine Woodworking magazine and been a member of the internet part of F. W.

Re: UPDATE: Using Your Router and Router Table Safely by Hendrik Varju

I think I am the one that really needs this because I spent a evening in the Emergency Room to get FIVE stitches in the tip of my index finger. and $2500.00. It does not pay to be unsafe at a Router Table.

Re: UPDATE: Building Small Cabinets by Doug Stowe

If there is something that I needed, It's this Book. Every time I have ever tried to build a small Cabinet I have made not one mistake, but many. I Think that a copy of this outstanding book would keep me from making a mess, but a quality Cabinet I would be proud of.

Re: Climb Cutting, Routers, and Tool Safety

Yes, it is unsafe to climb cut hand held or in a router table. That being said there are times that you have to do it to keep from tearing out big pieces of wood. When I have this problem, I also bump cut the wood which reduces some parts of climb cutting making it a little safer.
Be Careful and have a good grip and be in a good position When doing this type of cutting.

Re: UPDDATE: Shop Improvements: Outstanding ideas from the world's finest woodworkers from Fine Woodworking magazine

This book would be something my shop needs badly. I know it needs help and this book would me get the shop working for me instead of me work the shop.
Thank you for making a copy available to all of us.

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Hand Planes in the Modern Shop by Kerry Pierce

I would like to be included in the drawing. It very likely understand planes a lot better. How that I am trying to be a hand tool woodworker It would be a big help.

Re: Make Your Own Leather Chisel Roll

Nice job, and it got one more pair of leather pants of the street. Ha Ha It is also a lot cheaper. I also made my chisel holder, but had to buy the suede leather. I used two belts with buckles to hold the roll closed, and put rivets at the top & bottom of the pockets. I wish you had videoed the sewing. How does the Speedy Stitcher work? I have never used or scene one.

Re: 2 story shop

Nice Big Open Shop. I know by the amount of space you have, you enjoy it very much.
I like seeing the old tools on the wall. I bet you enjoy having your wood out of your way and it makes it easy it select the right wood for a project.
Nice Shop

Re: Winner Announced: Help Crown a Dovetail King!

I like the workbench drawers for a couple of reasons. One they are unique overlay fronts on the drawers. Secondly the craft person Had a service intended for the drawers. Now he can build a set for my workbench.

Re: Building a 300 lb. Solid-Maple Workbench

Hi Bill:
I just saw this Blog. It's nice that you do have the New workbench. It looks like you have a great place to work. Have you finished the bench and are you working on it?
Good luck.

Re: Playhouse for my boys

Looks like you built a great project. I do have a couple of comments. I think there should be more handles for climbing to the top. The bracing should be out of heaver material, the swings put a lot of stress on the braces. I hope your boys have a great time on &in there fort for many years.

Re: Day 7 Building a Workbench: Finishing Up

This class was very complete. It was more than a 9 AM to 5PM class and every piece is heavy. The final results were great and the two teachers were great and very helpful. They worked harder than we did setting up machines and helping all six of us keep up with the schedule to complete the benches on time. The Hardware (vices by Lie-Nelson) were of the highest quality that I have ever seen. I for one had a great time and all 8 of us helped each other. I will enjoy using my Bench for many years. Thank you both Bob & Tim for all your help.

Re: Combined Shop and Pool House

It looks like you have the best of both worlds. I noticed that you have a 8" Grizzly jointer. Which one is it and who well do you like it? The reason I ask is because I want to replace my 25year old 6" jointer, which has a curved fence. I hope you can help

Re: Wood Shop Al Fresco Redux

Thanks for the tip about the Suncast storage boxes. I need a place to store chair cushions and also have seating on the deck at the same time. I am one of the luck ones to have a shop.

Re: Help name Tommy MacDonald's new woodworking show

It sounds like somebody or a group has already picked a name for the show. Name it, and start filming as well as showing Tommy to everybody on television besides woodworkers that have found him on the internet.
Thank you

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Woodworking Techniques, from Fine Woodworking magazine

Thanks for asking, I always need help. I alway need to learn something new or old that I don't know. This book is for me.
Thank You

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Wood Finishing Fixes by Michael Dresdner

I build a nice piece and then try to finish it. Wish the finish was better. I need all the help I can get. This is what I need.
please send it to me.

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Civil War Woodworking by A.J. Hamler

This book sounds interesting because of the fact I live in the middle of several of the battles of the Civil War. The second reason I would like this book is I am also a wood worker.
The third it would make a great addition to my Civil War Library, and I would love to be able to learn more about the furniture of that period.

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Make Your Own Walking Sticks by Charles Self

My day is coming that I may need a cane and it would be nice to know how to make a nice one. Looks like it would be a good book for designs and ideas.

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Wood Turning, from Tree to Table by Bill Bowers and Wooden Bowls from the Scroll Saw by Carole Rothman

It's time I learned to turn a bed post, table leg, or something that is not square. Love to have the book and start learning.

Re: UPDATED: What Tools Are on Your Holiday Wish List?

1. A three piece set of Veritas saws.
2. 8" long bed jointer
3. A set of Magswithhs and feather boards
4. Goose neck light for my Band saw.
5. 100 board feet 4/4 quarter sawn White oak
6. 100 board feet 5/4 quarter sawn White oak
7. Two sets of Bench Cookies
8. 6" Rule
9. Computer for shop.
10.Television For Shop.
11.Central Dust Colection
I hope all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year playing with there new tools and Wood.

Re: Keeping Chest

I is wonderful to see someone take the time to go through large stacks of material and pick out such a beautiful piece and them turn it into something as beautiful as Southern keeper box. The detail is great, and the feet are outstanding. Some day I hope I have the patience and skill to do this level of craftsmanship.
A Virginia Woodworker

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