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Re: STL 57: Tablesaw Accident Update

there is already a great cure in place, DON'T stick your fingers and arm's in the blade path you morons. BTW this site and all others should SCREAM SAFETY FIRST PRACTICES not iffy CURES

Re: The 4 Handsaws You Must Have

You all need to learn gun safety lessons, when asked the question what is the "Best' gun for defense, I always respond with the answer "MY" instructor taught me. The one you have in your hand when you need it, stop being snobs.

Re: 9 reasons why I don't sharpen my plane blades as well as I thought

You people have way too much time on your hands. Go build something instead of watching videos of guys with even more time on their hans

Re: Self-Centering Mortising Base for the Router

To Ikesson if the stock is properly clamped the jig is very stable, btw this is an old school jig and yes the clear lexan is spot on as another reader posted but make sure it is at least .5 in. as the lexan can flex.
This is basically the same as a measuring ceter finder just scaled up for the router

Re: What hand tools can't you live without?

ah, heavy duty HANDLES for lifting the thing btw very niceas others have noted. I would use a roll up pouch for the chisels

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