Tools - Fine Woodworking Plans and Projects


  • Mini Workbench Works WondersMini Workbench Works Wonders

    by Steve Latta

    This mini bench by Steve Latta puts your work at a comfortable height for use with small power tools, hand tools, all kinds of joinery, and detail work. Clamped ...

  • Working-Class Router TableWorking-Class Router Table

    by Marc Adams

    With a good router table, a woodworker can cut joinery, raise panels, produce moldings, and even edge-joint boards. This one, built by woodworking teacher Marc ...

  • A Cabinet for Hand ToolsA Cabinet for Hand Tools

    by Michael Pekovich

    When planning a new hand-tool cabinet for his workshop, Mike Pekovich wanted to pack in more storage than his old cabinet without taking up more wall space. He ...

  • Turn a Carver's MalletTurn a Carver's Mallet

    by Michael Cullen

    Every workshop needs at least two mallets, Michael Cullen says. Flat-sided mallets are extremely useful, but when it comes to carving and other tasks where a light ...

  • Stow-and-Go Router TableVideo: Stow-and-Go Router Table

    with Roland Johnson

    Build a full-featured router table that is portable, lightweight and easy to store

  • Modern-Day LuthierVideo: Modern-Day Luthier

    with Matt Berger

    Philadelphia guitar maker uses hand tools and CNC machinery to build high-end custom guitars

  • Shaping Furniture with Power ToolsShaping Furniture with Power Tools

    by Jere Williams

    Organic furniture designs come to life with angle grinder, rasps, and a sculptor's eye

  • Drawing Big CurvesDrawing Big Curves

    by Paul Schürch

    Creating a piece of furniture that uses long, curved lines and graceful shapes isn’t difficult, designer Paul Schürch says. It’s a matter of trusting your instinct ...

  • Turn a Hollow VesselTurn a Hollow Vessel

    by Howard Lewin

    Improvements in wood-turning tools have made the art of hollow-vessel turning accessible to woodturners of varying skill levels. In this article, Howard Levin, ...

  • Turn a Classic Floor LampTurn a Classic Floor Lamp

    by Ernie Conover

    This 18th-century inspired lamp offers a chance to practice both faceplate and spindle turning. The design accommodates a range of lathe sizes and turning abilities ...

  • Build a BowsawBuild a Bowsaw

    by J. Crate Larkin

    The engineering is ingenious on a bowsaw, and J. Crate Larkin explains in this article how to make and use this tool, which despite its primitive look serves many ...

  • Wooden Chisel PlaneWooden Chisel Plane

    by Norm Pollack

    Build a classic wooden chisel plane with detailed project plans and instruction by woodworker Norm Pollack. The location of the blade is what makes the chisel plane ...

  • A Workbench That WorksA Workbench That Works

    by Philip C. Lowe

    Philip C. Lowe describes how he designed and built his first workbench, and how it changed over the years. It is large enough to hold his hand tools, yet small ...

  • One-Drawer Lamp StandOne-Drawer Lamp Stand

    by Michael Dunbar

    Mike Dunbar details the construction of a single-drawer table, a project for a beginner or intermediate woodworker. He discusses backsaw basics and includes detailed ...

  • A New Breed of Shaving HorseA New Breed of Shaving Horse

    by Brian Boggs

    This article includes woodworking plans and expert instruction for building a traditional shaving horse, as described by Kentucky chairmaker Brian Boggs. This full-contact ...

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