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Steam Bending

Bending wood doesn’t require superhuman strength. There are a few common recipes and procedures that can be employed to create curved parts from straight boards. The Basics: • Steam it: Heat and humidity will make a board ripe for bending. • Laminate
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  • Build an Outdoor LoungeBuild an Outdoor Lounge

    by Tommy MacDonald

    This comfortable lounge chair, with its modern lines and shapely curves, looks complicated. It incorporates 25 steam-bent staves, which also sounds complicated. ...

  • Oval BoxesOval Boxes

    by Tom McFadden

    Though he started off studying Shaker oval boxes, Tom McFadden makes his of a variety of woods and he leaves the outside overlapping end square, instead of cutting ...

  • Shaker CarrierShaker Carrier

    by John Kassay

    This short article with a scale drawing shows how to make a box fitted with a handle.From Fine Woodworking #32...

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