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Shaping Wood

Shaping wood is intrinsic to woodworking. Unless you are making tree-shaped objects, a series of cuts is always required. Beyond the basic square, there are a variety of tools and techniques for shaping furniture parts.The Basics: • Hand-shaped parts:
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  • Turn a Carver's MalletTurn a Carver's Mallet

    by Michael Cullen

    Every workshop needs at least two mallets, Michael Cullen says. Flat-sided mallets are extremely useful, but when it comes to carving and other tasks where a light ...

  • The Contemporary CabrioleThe Contemporary Cabriole

    by Jonathan Binzen

    The cabriole leg has been produced by furniture makers in thousands of variations since its heyday in the 18th century. This collection shows how the furniture ...

  • Pro Portfolio: Functional SculpturePro Portfolio: Functional Sculpture

    by Anissa Kapsales

    See a gallery of a work by Glen G. Guarino and learn some of his construction secrets

  • New Wave RockerNew Wave Rocker

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Tony Kenway builds rocking chairs and other furniture in Byron Bay, a beach town on Australia's east coast. Kenway is an avid surfer and diver himself and credits ...

  • Pro Portfolio: Design from Down UnderPro Portfolio: Design from Down Under

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Nature and a vivid imagination inspire the designs of an Australian furniture maker

  • Sam Maloof on Building ChairsSam Maloof on Building Chairs

    by Sam Maloof

    In this excerpt from the book Designing and Building Chairs, the famed furniture maker details how he shapes the arms on his sculpted chairs

  • Shaping Furniture with Power ToolsShaping Furniture with Power Tools

    by Jere Williams

    Organic furniture designs come to life with angle grinder, rasps, and a sculptor's eye

  • Drawing Big CurvesDrawing Big Curves

    by Paul Schürch

    Creating a piece of furniture that uses long, curved lines and graceful shapes isn’t difficult, designer Paul Schürch says. It’s a matter of trusting your instinct ...

  • Pennsylvania Tall Clock - Part IPennsylvania Tall Clock - Part I

    by Lonnie Bird

    In the first of a two-part series, woodworking teacher Lonnie Bird details plans for building a Pennsylvania tall clock. The design, which incorporates details ...

  • Small Stand is a Lesson in CurvesSmall Stand is a Lesson in Curves

    by Stephen Hammer

    Here's a challenging project for woodworkers weary of flat surfaces. Furniture maker Stephen Hammer leads readers through the construction of a small stand, with ...

  • Curved-Leg TableCurved-Leg Table

    by Don Kondra

    Building “swoopy” furniture takes time, but it’s appealing, Don Kondra writes. In this article, he tells how to make full-sized drawings, which he says is the key ...

  • Shaker Oval BoxesShaker Oval Boxes

    by John Wilson

    Oval boxes continue to be the most popular product the Shakers ever offered to the outside world. John Wilson teaches novice and experienced woodworkers how to ...

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