Furniture Types

  • Pens Make Great GiftsPens Make Great Gifts

    by Barry Gross

    Pen turning is fun, it's a great use for scraps, and it can probably be done mostly with tools you already own and skills you already have. Barry Gross will show ...

  • Build a Curved-Front DeskBuild a Curved-Front Desk

    by Chris Gochnour

    This desk is awash in curves: the inward curve of the front, the stepped heights of the drawer fronts, the shape of the legs, and the edge of the topÑeven the drawers ...

  • Build a Greene-and-Greene Picture FrameBuild a Greene-and-Greene Picture Frame

    by Kelly J. Dunton

    This frame has all the hallmarks of the Greene-and-Greene style that inspired it: rounded edges, stepped sides, square pegs, and cloud-lift patterns. But it also ...

  • Build a Serpentine Sideboard, Part 2Build a Serpentine Sideboard, Part 2

    by Steve Latta

    The finicky joints, painstaking inlay, and multi-step door construction are behind you. In Part Two of this Federal sideboard project, you'll learn how to finish ...

  • Build Your First WorkbenchBuild Your First Workbench

    by Bob Van Dyke

    A workbench with an end vise and front vise is easily the most important tool in your shop, one that you use on every project. If you don’t already have one, or ...

  • House Your Tools in High StyleHouse Your Tools in High Style

    by Chris Gochnour

    This tool cabinet blends utility and great aesthetics, giving your shop a practical place to house tools in a beautiful package. What's more, it can be built with ...

  • Pivoting Plywood CartPivoting Plywood Cart

    by Michael Puryear

    This panel cart acts like a shop assistant, ending the solo woodworker's struggle with wrestling sheet goods around the shop. Simply load 4x8 sheets on the panel ...

  • Simple-to-Make Tool Holders for a CabinetSimple-to-Make Tool Holders for a Cabinet

    by Thomas McKenna

    These holders can be adapted to fit any cabinet and can be made in no time

  • The Wired WorkbenchThe Wired Workbench

    by John White

    When the editors of FWW decided to build a bench designed for power tools, they had to throw out much of what they'd always felt a typical workbench should be. ...

  • Build a Serpentine Sideboard, Part 1Build a Serpentine Sideboard, Part 1

    by Steve Latta

    With its sweeping facade, this Federal sideboard is an ambitious project. The doors and drawers are curved and veneered with mahogany. The six legs—two rear corner, ...

  • Two Unique LampsTwo Unique Lamps

    by Christian Becksvoort

    These handsome lamps, created with rings of veneer, will bring warmth to any room. The light shining through the overlapping rings creates a unique effect, and ...

  • A Study in SquaresA Study in Squares

    by Kevin Rodel

    This simple yet strong gridwork side table has a number of interesting twists. The legs are cuffed, and have a reverse taper on the two outer faces, moving from ...

  • Beautify Your Home with a Shaker Built-InBeautify Your Home with a Shaker Built-In

    by Christian Becksvoort

    Built-in furniture was a staple of Shaker life, and these skilled furniture makers elevated the built-in to an art form. This one by Christian Becksvoort was constructed ...

  • Finest Way to Expand a TableFinest Way to Expand a Table

    by Michael C. Fortune

    The butterfly table is without doubt the coolest of expanding table designs. Its hinged leaf lies under the tabletop and swings up and open, coming to rest fully ...

  • Period-Perfect Bracket FeetPeriod-Perfect Bracket Feet

    by Dan Faia

    One of the most recognized forms in furniture, ogee bracket feet were traditionally made with hand tools. But shaping the distinctive S-curve on the faces and ornate ...

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