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Frame and Panel

Frame-and-panel construction is a popular method for making doors, cabinetry, and a variety of furniture and architectural components. Its primary purpose is to create a large panel with minimal wood movement. Whereas solid wood shrinks and expands with
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  • Frame-and-Panel CabinetFrame-and-Panel Cabinet

    by Tim Rousseau

    Part of the beauty of a frame-and-panel cabinet is all the steps between parts, which add shadows and detail to the piece. This small side cabinet employs frame-and-panels ...

  • Frame-and-Panel Doors Made EasyFrame-and-Panel Doors Made Easy

    by Michael Pekovich

    Cope-and-stick router bits are quick but tricky. Here's how to get perfect results

  • Cherry and Fir BookcaseCherry and Fir Bookcase

    by Peter Zuerner

    The project plans and step-by-step instructions in this article will lead you through the process of building an attractive and functional bookcase of cherry and ...

  • Frame-and-Panel BedFrame-and-Panel Bed

    by David Fay

    David Fay spends a lot of time refining what may seem like small details, but the effort pays off in a handsome inlaid piece. He explains how he designed the bed ...

  • A Blanket Chest with LegsA Blanket Chest with Legs

    by John McAlevey

    Instead of dovetails, John McAlevey used frame-and-panel construction on the blanket chest he designed and built in curly maple and cherry. The legs serve as the ...

  • Making a Frame-and-Panel BedMaking a Frame-and-Panel Bed

    by John McAlevey

    On John McAlevey’s frame-and-panel bed, a convex curve on both the headboard and footboard provides a linear contrast. Chamfered posts add interest. McAlevey explains ...

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