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Primarily an ornamental treatment today, carving on furniture has its origin in purely practical reasons, such as the need to shed water, prevent dust buildup, disguise joints, or provide softer edges. Similar to molding, which may be thought of as a
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  • Wooden SpoonsWooden Spoons

    by Peter Galbert

    Take a few hours away from complicated projects and carve a spoon. It's a great way to brush up on hand skills, use green wood, and create gifts that will win appreciation ...

  • Turn a Carver's MalletTurn a Carver's Mallet

    by Michael Cullen

    Every workshop needs at least two mallets, Michael Cullen says. Flat-sided mallets are extremely useful, but when it comes to carving and other tasks where a light ...

  • One Unreal EggOne Unreal Egg

    by Jonathan Binzen

    A stay-at-home dad whose shop is a converted garage in Damariscotta, Maine, Jacques Vesery has been turning and carving since boyhood. He turns most of his pieces ...

  • Anatomy of a Carved ShellVideo: Anatomy of a Carved Shell

    with Mack S. Headley, Jr.

    See various period examples and view each stage of the carving process in this excerpt from the DVD 'Carving Techniques and Projects'

  • Pro Portfolio: Turner, Carver, RealistPro Portfolio: Turner, Carver, Realist

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Maine wood artist deceives the eye with turned and sculpted objects inspired by nature

  • Pro Portfolio: A Vision in WhitePro Portfolio: A Vision in White

    by Jonathan Binzen

    See stunning examples of work by a self-taught woodcarver who's the modern-day equal of 17th Century master Grinling Gibbons

  • Yale Furniture Study Design TourYale Furniture Study Design Tour

    by Gina Eide

    Curator Patricia E. Kane narrates a tour down an aisle of American high chests

  • Carving Out His NicheVideo: Carving Out His Niche

    with T.J. McDermott

    Maine wood carver graduates from a two-decade sign making career to life as a three-dimensional artist

  • New Wave RockerNew Wave Rocker

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Tony Kenway builds rocking chairs and other furniture in Byron Bay, a beach town on Australia's east coast. Kenway is an avid surfer and diver himself and credits ...

  • Philadelphia Side ChairPhiladelphia Side Chair

    by Eugene E. Landon

    Built around 1760 in Philadelphia, this chair, with its flowing lines and flawless carving, represents the high point of Colonial Queen Anne chair making. From ...

  • Colonial Williamsburg Furniture CollectionVideo: Colonial Williamsburg Furniture Collection

    with Tara Gleason

    Explore an exhibit of highly ornamented furniture at Colonial Williamsburg

  • All About Carving TechniquesAll About Carving Techniques

    by Graham Blackburn

  • Oval Chippendale StoolOval Chippendale Stool

    by Randall O'Donnell

    Period furniture maker Randall O’Donnell shows how this small stool doesn’t require a lot of material, but it shows off a lot of Colonial Philadelphia hallmarks: ...

  • A Basic Mirror Frame Detailed to Your LikingA Basic Mirror Frame Detailed to Your Liking

    by D. Douglas Mooberry

    This article offers basic construction techniques for building a mirror that can be applied to any style mirror, with or without fretwork, or even to a picture ...

  • Making Furniture, New Mexican StyleMaking Furniture, New Mexican Style

    by Sven Hanson

    The isolation of northern New Mexico created and preserved a style of furniture that, in its most authentic form, is called Spanish-colonial. This article is about ...

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