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A box is a lidded wooden container distinguished from its larger cousin, a chest, primarily by its smaller size; the demarcation between a large box and a small chest often being a matter of opinion. Boxes have undoubtedly been made as receptacles for
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  • Sleek Box with a Sliding LidSleek Box with a Sliding Lid

    by Michael Cullen

    Thin parts, mitered corners with slender splines, and a smoothly sliding lid with a carved fingerhold are the main features of this clever box. Maker Michael Cullen ...

  • A Box Worth RepeatingA Box Worth Repeating

    by Laura Mays

    Making boxes is a great way to explore the idea of building things in a series. When you change the small-scale details, you can change the look of the overall ...

  • 2 Fast Ways to Build a Box2 Fast Ways to Build a Box

    by Bill Nyberg

    Bill Nyberg uses two innovative methods to simplify a common project -- a decorative box with a rabbeted lid. The traditional way is to build a solid box, cut off ...

  • Free Plan: Spanish Cedar HumidorFree Plan: Spanish Cedar Humidor

    by Rick Allyn

    A professional humidor maker teaches you how to make the ideal place to store cigars

  • A Better Way to Build BoxesA Better Way to Build Boxes

    by Doug Stowe

    This striking box, with its maple sides and contrasting mesquite top, is one of Doug Stowe's favorites and is an ideal project for demonstrating a continuous-grain ...

  • Designing BoxesDesigning Boxes

    by Doug Stowe

    When it comes to box making, Doug Stowe could write a book. In fact, he's written several, and has built thousands of boxes over the past 30 years. In the process, ...

  • Elegant Veneered BoxesElegant Veneered Boxes

    by Seth Janofsky

    Seth Janofsky's veneered box is relatively simple in design, but the figured maple parquet veneer makes it especially striking. The box itself is built with tongue-and-groove ...

  • Build a Bandsawn BoxVideo: Build a Bandsawn Box

    with Mark Duginske

    Quick and easy boxes make great gifts and polish your skills at the bandsaw

  • Build a Lift-Lid BoxBuild a Lift-Lid Box

    by Doug Stowe

    Download free plans and instructions for this elegant box; excerpted from the book 'Basic Box Making'

  • The Day They Built His BoxThe Day They Built His Box

    by Ruth Greene

    A woodworker's life remembered through the story of his handmade cherry coffin

  • A Short History of BoxesA Short History of Boxes

    by Graham Blackburn

  • 18th-Century Pipe Box Provides Elegant Storage18th-Century Pipe Box Provides Elegant Storage

    by Lonnie Bird

    This pipe box reproduction gives novice woodworkers an opportunity to practice resawing, dimensioning and routing small parts, scrollsawing, and drawer making, ...

  • Making Mitered BoxesMaking Mitered Boxes

    by Gary Rogowski

    Dovetails aren't the only way to show off your box joinery skills. Gary Rogowski explains techniques for making strong corner joints and matching long grain for ...

  • An Elegant Jewelry BoxAn Elegant Jewelry Box

    by Strother Purdy

    Strother Purdy provides tips on dressing up a plain-pin dovetail box that make it an elegant showpiece. He shows in detail how to display the wood grain to best ...

  • A Small Elegant BoxA Small Elegant Box

    by Gary Rogowski

    Pinned lap joints and shaped sides refine a basic design

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