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Children's Furniture Projects: Child's Rocker
Plans for a sturdy plywood chair that can be disassembled and stored flat
by Jeff Miller

Build a Shaker-Style Bed
Using contemporary construction techniques, this bed still captures the essential Shaker style
by Jeff Miller

Vineyard Table
Complete plans for a trestle table with a twist
by Kim Carleton Graves

Making an End Table
The beauty of this Arts-and-Crafts design is in the details
by Stephen Lamont

Chests of Drawers: Drawer-Building Basics
Details on drawer construction, wood choices, joinery tips, support ideas and more
by Bill Hylton

Build a Trapezoidal Bookcase
This Arts and Crafts-styled piece combines through-tenon joinery and biscuit-anchored shelves
by Niall Barrett

Building Fireplace Mantels: Simple Federal Mantel
Plans for a project that shows elegant proportion, restraint, and balance...and it can be built in a weekend
by Mario Rodriguez

Making an End Table
The beauty of this Arts-and-Crafts design is in the details
by Stephen Lamont

In the Modern Style: A Stylish Credenza
Symmetry and subtle shadow lines give this maple and yellow satinwood office credenza a dynamic visual rhythm
by Patrick Warner

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A Slight Accident on the Tablesaw
Operator error will never go away, but good safety gear can minimize the damage
by Anatole Burkin

Removing and Preventing Rust on Machinery
Scour a cast-iron surface, then protect it from dampness
by Lon Schleining

DeWalt Beefs Up Its 5-in. Sanders
A 3-amp motor provides plenty of power
by Andy Beasley

A Safer Tablesaw
As one company prepares to take its safety-centered cabinet saw to the mass market, here's a look back at an early demonstration of the technology
by the editors of Fine Woodworking

Cove Angle Calculator
A few quick keystrokes yield tablesaw-blade and fence-angle settings
by Stuart Sabol

Black & Decker Acquires Pentair's Tools Division
Both buyer and seller stress a positive outlook on the pending sale
by William Duckworth

World Wide Woodworking
An online portfolio can provide a virtual window into your woodshop
by Darrell Peart

Transatlantic Planing
Editor takes a course with David Charlesworth in a remote English village
by Mark Schofield

A Revolution in Turning Technology
Modern tools cut through conventional wisdom, opening up the craft
by Howard Lewin

Why a Combination Machine Works for Me
A veteran woodworker explains what changed his mind about combination machines and why he's still happy with his seven years later
by Tony O'Malley

Squaring Up a Square
An edged needle file is all you need for tuning up a combination square
by Steve Latta

Making Three-Phase Machines Work in a One-Phase Shop
Most heavy machinery is designed to be run on three-phase electrical power, but a number of options are available to get the tools running in your one-phase home shop
by John White

A Classic Bowsaw (online exclusive)
This low-tech tool still has appeal
by Tom Begnal

Craftsman Mini-T Compact Drill (online exclusive)
In tight spots, it might just be the ticket
by Tom Begnal

King Heiple's Shop-Built Jig
Build your own sharpening jig with these plans by Fine Woodworking author King Heiple

A Tool for Perfect Mortises
This router template is quick to make and easy to use for accurate mortises every time
by Gary Rogowski

Clamp-It Assembly Square (online exclusive)
Clamped to a case, it helps keep the "right" in right angles
by Tom Begnal

Radius Cutting with a Router Template (online exclusive)
Gadget helps round over square corners
by Tom Begnal

Micro-Adjustable Router Fence: Parts List (online extra)
A parts list for readers who want to build the fence described in Pat Warner's "Micro-Adjustable Router Fence" in the September/October 2000 issue of Fine Woodworking magazine.
by Pat Warner

SawStop Finger-Saver Update (online exclusive)
Safer tablesaws and bandsaws might soon be an option
by Tom Begnal

Cordless Brad-Nailer from Porter-Cable (online exclusive)
Mini-compressor maximizes convenience
by Tom Begnal

Jumbo Clamp Pad (online exclusive)
Aftermarket add-on is simple and effective
by Tom Begnal

Bosch Improves Dust Collection on Random-Orbit Sanders (online exclusive)
Unique microfilter keeps fine dust out of the air
by Tom Begnal

Miller's Reproduction Plane (online exclusive)
There's nothing plain about this plane
by Tom Begnal

Parts for Chisel Plane
A complete parts list for the wooden chisel plane featured in Norm Pollack's article in the March/April 2001 issue of Fine Woodworking (#148)

Using Card Scrapers
The scraper can replace a stack of sandpaper
by Phil Lowe

The Peerless Tool Chest of H. O. Studley
This masterful tool chest stands as an extraordinary example of 19th-century craftsmanship
by Lon Schleining

Why Tablesaw Blades Get Dull
Identifying the common culprits can help you postpone your next trip to the resharpening shop
by Tom Begnal

Setting Bandsaw Blade Tension
Learn to set your bandsaw's tension to ensure cuts that are straight and even
by Lonnie Bird

Fixed-Base Routers
An introduction to a popular and useful tool
by Pat Warner

Routers for Router Tables
Choose a fixed-base model over a plunge router
by Patrick Warner

In this excerpt from his new book, Power Tools, Sandor Nagyszalanczy examines a variety of jigsaws and their accessories
by Sandor Nagyszalanczy

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Sharpening Curved Scrapers
Joint, hone, and burnish, much as you would for a flat scraper
by Philip C. Lowe

Removing Damaged Screws
Four ways to back out stubborn fasteners
by Robert J. Settich

Fitting a Twisted Drawer
A twisted drawer can be planed square to fit its opening
by Philip C. Lowe

Marking Your Work
A simple way to make sure your furniture legs end up where you want them in the finished piece
by Andy Rae

Sharpening a Plane Iron with a Pitted Back
David Charlesworth's ruler trick speeds the process
by Thomas Lie-Nielsen

Prevent Tearout in Figured Wood
Feeding at even a slight angle will make a difference
by Brad Gordon

Make Clean Cuts on the Tablesaw
Improve your tablesaw techniques with a zero clearance insert and a crosscut sled
by Steve Latta

Attaching Tabletops
Three methods for controlling and directing wood movement
by Mario Rodriguez

Video Highlights from the 2003 Surface Ornamentation Conference at Colonial Williamsburg
Noted woodworkers joined Colonial Williamsburg artisans and curators to discuss and demonstrate decorative techniques

Shaping Wood: Edge Treatments
Learn to shape table edges, lipped doors, and more using a router, block plane, shaper, and hand tools
by Lonnie Bird

Turning Bowls: Rough Turning the Profile
Step-by-step instruction from a master woodturner
by Richard Raffan

Assembling Cases
Get it right the first time with the right tools and the proper clamps and clamping technique
by Andy Rae

Getting an Edge with Waterstones, Oilstones and Sandpaper
Different woodworkers use different sharpening methods
by Jeff Kolle

Carving the Foot by Hand
How to make an 18th-century style pad foot without a lathe
by Lonnie Bird

Carving an Egg and Dart Molding
With two gouges and a mallet, you can make this classic design
by Lee Grindinger

12 Quick Tips
Readers' ideas make woodworking easier, safer and less expensive
by Fine Woodworking Readers

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Getting Started in Woodworking: Router 101 -- Rabbeting
A rabbet is a simple cut that's easy to set up and guide -- it's a great way to start learning to use the router
by Aimé Ontario Fraser

Three Tongue-and-Groove Edge Treatments for Plywood
Besides giving your plywood edge added protection, these treatments let you shape the edge into a bullnose, a bevel, or any number of configurations
by Mario Rodriguez

Edge Joints
An introduction to the various types of edge joint, and what you need to know to make them
by Gary Rogowski

Making Round Tenons from Square Spindles
A tip for making this difficult joint with a radial-arm saw
by Rex Alexander

An Easily Aligned Jig for Routing Shelf Dadoes
Adjustable pivot ensures accuracy
by Robert R. Knights

A Faster Way to Make Half-Blind Dovetails
It might not please purists, but it does speed up the process
by Rob Cosman

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Three Light Finishes for Maple
Tips from a professional finisher
by Jeff Jewitt

Finishing a Raised Panel
You can achieve a flawless finish if you work in the right order
by David Sorg

Viscosity Conversion Chart
For proper atomization, you must check the viscosity of your finish with a viscosity cup and then adjust your spray-gun settings accordingly
by Jeff Jewitt

Understanding Wood: Finishing and Protecting Wood
A scientific approach to surface treatment, protection, and appearance
by R. Bruce Hoadley

Respirators for Finishing
Not all respirators provide the same protection against harmful vapors. Jeff Jewitt helps you choose the correct one for the job.
by Jeff Jewitt

Selecting a Finish
Before you start your next furniture project, consider a finish's appearance, its method of application and its durability
by Jeff Jewitt

Varnish: An Almost Ideal Finish
Understanding the chemistry behind many common oil varnishes helps you choose the right product
by Chris Minick

Polyurethane: A Versatile Finish
This durable finish is much scorned, but much used
by Michael Dresdner

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A Slight Accident on the Tablesaw
Operator error will never go away, but good safety gear can minimize the damage
by Anatole Burkin

Breathe-easy Respirators
Two new powered respirators battle sawdust at a price
by Matt Berger

Shop Layout
Planning the layout of your workshop early in its development can keep you from spending years in an uncomfortable, poorly organized space
by Sandor Nagyszalanczy

Auxiliary Switch for the Tablesaw
Foot-operated switch provides hands-free control
by Dario Brisighella

Sources for Hearing Protection Gear
Where to get these devices, in quantities large or small
by William Duckworth

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A Printable Cutlist
Use this blank chart to create a cutlist for your next woodworking project
by Philip C. Lowe

More about Cherry
A further look at America's premier cabinetwood
by Jon Arno

New Outdoor Glue
Outdoor Wood Worx has good working qualities and sands easilya
by Mark Schofield

Choosing a Butt Hinge
Hinges can affect the look, durability, and performance of your fine furniture. Here's how to choose the right one for the job.
by Garrett Hack

Selecting Sheet Goods
A furniture maker offers tips for sorting through the stacks of hardwood plywood
by Mark Edmundson

Gluing and Clamping Strategies
Lots of tape, lots of cauls and lots of clamps make glue-ups easy
by Lon Schleining

From Logs to Lumber
With the right equipment and some technical knowledge, you can harvest your own trees, mill the boards and season them
by Redmond Manierre

Krenov on Grain: The Story of a Cabinet
When it comes to reading grain, Krenov wrote the book
by James Krenov

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Building a Shaker Wall Clock
Choose your movement first, then build the clock around it
by Chris Becksvoort

Building a Sleigh Bed
Sensuous curves and well-chosen details enhance a simple design
by Chris Becksvoort

A Simple Way to Upholster Chairs
Slim, comfortable slip seat works for most chairs and uses common materials
by Michael Fortune

Built-In Furniture: Foyers and Living Rooms
Well-designed furnishings can fill entire walls, create boundaries, and offer display spaces
by Jim Tolpin

Designing a Rocking Chair
Seat placement and back angle are two of the many things to consider
by Mario Rodriguez

Home Storage Projects: Kitchen Work Station
Plans, a cut list and complete instructions for building a kitchen work station on wheels
by Paul Anthony

Create an Elegant Latch from a Simple Spinner
Place the spinner within the door stile for a clean, almost hidden, latch
by Chris Becksvoort

Workbench Hardware
A complete parts list for Dick McDonough's workbench, featured in the May/June 2001 issue of Fine Woodworking (#149)

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