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Free Plan: Humidor

comments (29) March 6th, 2009 in blogs

akap Anissa Kapsales, associate editor
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CLICK HERE to  download the free PDF article and woodworking plan for Allyns humidor.
CLICK HERE to  download the free PDF article and woodworking plan for Allyns humidor. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

CLICK HERE to  download the free PDF article and woodworking plan for Allyn's humidor.

If you’re anything like me in the shop you know you have to start making gifts way in advance of when you need them.  That’s why I decided to get a six-month head start on a humidor for a cigar-smoking relative.  What I also realized very quickly was that I didn’t know the first thing about making a humidor correctly.  To remedy that I went to Fine Woodworking, of course. 

In issue # 127 Rick Allyn wrote an easy to follow, comprehensive article on everything you need to know to successfully build a humidor.  Not only does an exploded drawing give the dimensions and basic construction but Allyn demystifies how a humidor functions, what type of wood you need to use, where to get the humidifier and hygrometer (the instrument that lets you monitor the humidity level), and how to finish the box.  The article is packed with a ton of useful techniques that simplify the construction.  But the best part is the accompanying gallery of humidors, ranging from funky to period with a Newport shell and all.

The design possibilies are limitless.  Here are just a couple of the humidors you'll see in the article:

Wendell Castle humidor. Photo:  David Mohney

Forbidden. Made by Wendell Castle, this jelutong, lacewood, and Spanish cedar humidor defies the typical idea of what a humidor looks like. Photo: David Mohney

Newport shell humidor

Newporter. John Goff combined Cuban mahogany and Spanish cedar to make this Newport shell humidor. Photo: Kevin Halle

Here are two more inspirational cigar boxes from the Readers Gallery archives.  The first made by Richard M. Kerrell and the second by Steve Noffsinger.

Armed with all the information in this article I’m ready to start designing and building my own version of a humidor.  The relative in question is also a fly fisherman.  Anybody out there have free plans for a trout-shaped humidor?

CLICK HERE to  download the free PDF article and woodworking plan for Allyn's humidor.


NOTE: The link to the free plan was CORRECTED on 3/10 at 7:30 a.m. ET. For more information, read a note from our publisher.

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Comments (29)

FrancescaBrady FrancescaBrady writes: excellent execution!
Posted: 12:12 am on February 26th

pgreene164 pgreene164 writes: I paid and still can't find a video. What am I doing wrong?
Posted: 1:53 pm on February 20th

starvncarvn starvncarvn writes: The humidors are all destined to become family hierlom`s.
I used to have one that was walnut on the exterior and had copper clad on the inside, not being anything but a weekend wood warrior, does that metal cladding open the door for other woods for construction chioce`s?
Posted: 8:47 am on November 25th

hadhalihds hadhalihds writes: this is what is needed as inspiration, this is a remarkable woodworking plans
Posted: 9:09 am on July 11th

MBerger MBerger writes: ThumbBanger: You don't have to pay to join the blogging community. This is all free stuff. Not sure what you're referring to...
Posted: 9:08 pm on March 16th

ThumbBanger2 ThumbBanger2 writes: This puzzles me....If I am subscribed to Fine Working Magazine, and, why do I have to pay to join the blogging community? And, at 34 dollars per subscription,it seems that Taunton may think a bit much of itself.
Posted: 12:19 pm on March 15th

perisher perisher writes: What a winging bunch of ninnies! FW have plenty of ligitimate offers and have never resorted to spam to sell a product. Their integrity is not in question but I am not o sure about some of the wingers!

Thanks for the plans!
Posted: 5:02 pm on March 11th

GEide GEide writes: Woodtrader,
Sorry to hear about your trouble.

Are you looking for the link to read about Mike Flaim's Massive Roubo workbench:

Posted: 10:46 am on March 11th

Windwoodtrader Windwoodtrader writes: No matter which link on the site I click I keep coming back to this humidor project. Does anyone know what the magic decoder ring sequence is? I really want to see the featured workbench but when I hit that link I come here again!
Posted: 10:32 am on March 11th

MREJC MREJC writes: Anyway? Free plans? I wanted to comment on the beautiful work! But while we are @ it....I haven't missed a year of FW since it's inception. Great perodical, and the only one of it's kind when I was a young man. However, they are in business to make money.....their business is my passion! So I pay for their work and those that receive a check for their services. Sounds like the oldest profession! cheers.
Posted: 10:06 am on March 11th

mangoman mangoman writes: Got the plan just fine, and it was free. Sounds like a little problem on the linky. No big deal.

What do you want for nothin', rubber biscuit? Bow Bow Bow
Posted: 10:05 am on March 11th

jcod jcod writes: I am unable to download this plan, no hyperlink result as of 03-11-09
Posted: 8:50 am on March 11th

MBerger MBerger writes: The link to the free plan has been corrected. We erroneously linked to a page on our member site. If you continue experiencing issues accessing the PDF, please use the link below to access the free PDF.

apologies for the error.
Posted: 7:31 am on March 11th

johnnyapollo johnnyapollo writes: I'll have to agree with the others - free should be free - no strings. Having to sign up and pay for a monthly is bogus. If you want people to download the plan and pay the fee you should have a disclaimer "free to subscribers for a limited time, then a monthly fee ensues" or something similar. I'll be closing my account shortly.
Posted: 7:28 am on March 11th

Riverworks Riverworks writes: What a useless runaround! Totally misleading and a pain in the ass! Don'rt expecrt me to go for the bait!
Posted: 7:12 am on March 11th

rdennis303 rdennis303 writes: What about "Bait & Switch" don't you understand? Perhaps the FCC/FTC could provide the neccessary assistance.
Posted: 6:06 am on March 11th

swede57 swede57 writes: I am annoyed that it says "download FREE plan", then says that will be $15.00 !!!!
Fake offers make me think that these are becoming junk e-mails.
You have a good magazine. You have the most expensive magazine in this field.
You are better than this.
Thank you.
Posted: 5:56 am on March 11th

Wudmark Wudmark writes: Still can't get humidor plan. Hyperlink does nothing.
Posted: 5:27 am on March 11th

adelalex adelalex writes: This is not only useless but frustrating. I would have thought providing a simple download link would be within the grasp of most technologists.

I suggest that if Taunton are not going to provide a proper link then please remove the "Free Download" statement and stop emailing out false offers.
Posted: 3:03 am on March 11th

Flyfish_Ray Flyfish_Ray writes: Why do I have to subscribe to your website when I already am a subscriber to the magazine to get a free plan download?
Posted: 1:03 am on March 11th

GLASTARZA GLASTARZA writes: Dear Members,
The link to the humidor plan has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact me at with any questions.

Gerald La Starza
Posted: 3:04 pm on March 10th

Mordha Mordha writes: The link provided by FrankSHC works.
Posted: 2:41 pm on March 10th

toolswede toolswede writes: Nor can have to fix this link!
Posted: 12:23 pm on March 10th

bpiekney bpiekney writes: IE can't find it either.
Posted: 12:05 pm on March 10th

bpiekney bpiekney writes: Mozilla can't find the server either.
Posted: 12:02 pm on March 10th

FrankSHC FrankSHC writes: Try this link:

Posted: 10:50 am on March 10th

drllucas drllucas writes: No, you are not the only one.

Safari can’t find the server.
Safari can’t open the page “” because Safari can’t find the server “”.
Posted: 10:19 am on March 10th

klthomascpa klthomascpa writes: you aren't alone--I can't get the PDF either.
Posted: 10:17 am on March 10th

jdanza jdanza writes: Hi... Am I the only one who can't get to the PDF page? Its coming up with an "Address Not Found" error. ???
Posted: 9:55 am on March 10th

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