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Walnut and Birdseye Wall Clock

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Clock Front
Inside Clock
Clock Back

Clock Front

Photo: Donald Stevens

Walnut and Birdseye Wall Clock

By Thomas Elsner Smith


Materials: Walnut, Hard Maple – Splatted Birdseye, Glass, Brass, Dye, Shellac, Glaze, Lacquer

Dimensions: 6 in. deep by 12 in. wide by 26in. high


I made this clock based a Shaker designs and proportions.  I also looked a Norm Abram’s shop clock plan, which I think was a mistake.  As much as I try not to make this clock look like his clock, I seemed to have gravitated toward his clock because I liked the proportions.


I embellished the face and back panel with birdseye to give it brighter look much as brass would.  All the walnut parts were cutout of 6/4 and 8/4.  I book matched the sides, top/bottom and door frame. To add height and drama I added solid block of shaped walnut to the top and bottom.  It was a trial and error process but the end result seems to have good balance.


I used Festool Dominos to join it together, which allowed me to completely build and finish (stain & lacquer) the individual pieces, before assembling them.  It was a little tricky to assemble but that process let me work on blending the wood tones between the individual pieces.


The door is 5/8” thick.  I constructed it using the Freud 99-280 glass door set. That bit set is set up for 3/4” thick material.  I didn’t find it to be very user friendly, but I made it work and I am pleased with the result.


Brass knob and hinges are Rocker #36459 and #32926 respectively.  The shiny brass finish drew my eye to them too much.  I tried dulling them with steel wool but that wasn’t much of an improvement. So, I removed the clear coat and fumed them with ammonia.   I like that aged look and have to remember the process.


Clock face and atomic movement with chimes (WWVB synchronized) are Klockit # 26914 and #12223 respectively.  The shaft is only 3/16 long, which provided some challenges, like making a 1/8” thick mounting area with homemade birdseye veneer and plywood.  The face $18.99 and movement $57.99 were in limited supply at Klockit, I had to call to order and it took 4-6 weeks to get them.



Shaker Wall Clock by Christian Becksvoort, FWW #157

Shaker-style Clock by Philip Lowe, FWW #101

Shop Clock Plan 0605 by Norm Abram, NYWS Season #18


Design or Plan used: Shop Clock Plan 0605 by Norm Abram, NYWS Season #18

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