Tablesaw techniques I wouldn't recommend

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MKenney Matthew Kenney, senior editor
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Produced by: jdat747

Let me begin by saying that I do not recommend anything done by the guy in this YouTube video. But it is quite funny, at least how he starts the saw. Well, it's funny in the way that really bad things are funny. Laughter is the best response because otherwise you won't be able to deal with it. Don't get me wrong though. If I met this guy, I would say, as clearly as possible and most likely with a few salty words thrown in, that what he is doing is terribly unsafe and that he surely can't be as dumb as he is acting.

But part of me thinks this is intentionally absurd. I sure hope so.

One more thing: Some people who have watched this have thought that his daughter is sitting in the line of fire for kickback when he is crosscutting the plywood. I don't think so. He is dressed in different clothing, and the saw is on a little base. It seems to be a completely different day.

If the guy who made this video happens to read this blog, please buy (or check out from a local library) The Tablesaw Book by Kelly Mehler, and learn how to operate a tablesaw safely. Oh, and buy a new saw.

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