Revised CutList Plugin Available

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DaveRichards David Richards, contributor
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I've been meaning to post a notice that there is an updated version of the CutList plugin. Finally I'm doing it.

Version 4.1.4 is available here. The main updates according to the changelog have to do with things related to exporting files for CutList Plus as well as the way the plugin deals with saw kerfs in the LayOut illustration. If you been using 4.1.1, you might want to update just to stay current.


If you aren't familiar with the CutList plugin, take a look at this blog post on version 4.1.1.

In a little while I'll have a blog post coming on another interesting cutlist plugin. Watch this space.


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Comments (8)

DaveRichards DaveRichards writes: I don't know why the view type in finder would make any difference but I guess as long as it works for you...

As to whether you'll enjoy using it, I don't know. All I can say is I do and I find it indispensable for much of what I do.
Posted: 4:47 am on February 28th

whitecitywoodworker whitecitywoodworker writes: thank you so much Dave. I finally got it to work, I had to switch my hard drive view to columns view for it to paste. other wise it just pasted an empty file??? I hope I enjoy using it now that it took me so long to get it to work. even my wife that makes her living figuring out computer issues could not figure it out... so I don't feel too bad about it. anyway thanks again.
Posted: 2:49 am on February 28th

DaveRichards DaveRichards writes: whitecitywoodworker, If you haven't really given up, drop me an e-mail by clicking on my name at the end of the blog post and I'll see what I can do to help you out.

I don't understand what prompts you are getting when you install it. The file downloads as a zip file. If you open the zip file you should find a folder and a file called cutlist.rb. Copy both of these and paste them into the Plugins folder found on Mac under Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Google SketchUp 8/SketchUp/. See this blog post:

Make sure you have full read and write permissions for the Plugins folder prior to installing plugins to it.

Alternatively, you could change the extension from .zip to .rbz and use Install Extensions under Preferences/Extensions to install it. Find Preferences under the SketchUp menu to the left of File in SketchUp.

Posted: 8:25 pm on February 18th

whitecitywoodworker whitecitywoodworker writes: I can not for the life of me get cutlist to work. It downloads fine and then crashes when I fallow the promps to install it. Something like safari can not load page???? I'm not sure if its a Mac issue or what but I give up.
Posted: 7:48 pm on February 18th

DaveRichards DaveRichards writes: LOL.

Yep. That's pretty much it. :-D
Posted: 6:44 pm on October 9th

RalphBarker RalphBarker writes: Ah, got it now. Layout vs LayOut. Kinda like the difference between sketching something up and Sketch Upping somehthing. ;-)
Posted: 5:40 pm on October 9th

DaveRichards DaveRichards writes: Ralph, the previous version also works with the free version of SketchUp. The "layout" that I referred to has nothing to do with LayOut, the program that comes with the pro version of SketchUp. If you refer to my earlier post on the CutList plugin, you'll see a screen shot or two of the layout I was referring to.

Mac users will still need to export the layout as SVG files as before.

Posted: 12:42 pm on October 9th

RalphBarker RalphBarker writes: Thanks for the heads-up, Dave. Am I correct in assuming the new version works with the free version of SU, without the Layout addition?
Posted: 9:25 am on October 9th

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