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The Editors Mailbox

UPDATE: Routers & Router Tables from the editors of Fine Woodworking

comments (191) October 18th, 2012 in blogs

BetsyE Betsy Engel, contributor
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Routers & Router Tables
The Taunton Press, 2012.
$21.95; 176 pp.

This book was our latest giveaway. Lucky jrodri1 is the winner. His comment was chosen at random.

Router & Routers Tables consists of 19 articles pulled from past issues of Fine Woodworking. The book is broken into 3 parts: Routers and Bits, Router Tables, and Router Jigs and Techniques - covering the bases to make you a router expert in no time. The book also includes plans for four shopmade router tables. Whether your focus is for router precision, space saving, versatility, or all of the above, this guide will show you the smartest route to routers for accomplishing your best work.

Lucky jrodri1 is the winner. His comment was chosen at random.

Check back again soon for our next giveway: Hand Planing Techniques DVD from Hendrik Varju.

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Comments (191)

rmpater rmpater writes: Please!!

Posted: 6:11 pm on October 25th

sloanworks sloanworks writes: you all do know that these books are just compilations of past magazine articles....
Posted: 6:13 am on October 23rd

MacGregorWoodWorks MacGregorWoodWorks writes: Routers are the most bestest tools. Me hope to win the book.
Posted: 10:47 pm on October 18th

scrabtree46 scrabtree46 writes: here it goes again, trying to at least win a book ;)

Posted: 7:23 pm on October 18th

TNakr TNakr writes: I've been kicking around the ideas for a router table for some time now. A 1 1/2 HP Craftman router was the first tool I ever bought. This book would be a great addition to my personal library. Thanks for the review and a chance to win it.
Posted: 10:07 pm on October 16th

Circuit Rider Circuit Rider writes: A router, powered and human powered is vital in my shop. I would like to see this book.
Posted: 9:14 pm on October 16th

fishergl fishergl writes: I have the router/router table. I need some good ideas for a router cabinet and how to improve on my router jigs.
Posted: 2:41 pm on October 16th

johnhamell johnhamell writes: I have been rereading past issues, but the new features on your web site etc. are far advanced. I believe the router book might be a good place to start. I have been retired a number of years and instead of repairs and new duties (pushing a shopping cart--I refuse) I would like to get started on the things I wanted to do when I retired.
Posted: 3:27 am on October 16th

JayPounds JayPounds writes: So far all I've got for a router "table" is a piece of plywood that I attached my router to underneath. Looking for some good plans to build a proper setup, so this book would be a welcome addition to my small but growing woodworking library.
Posted: 1:24 am on October 16th

Woodworkingjoe Woodworkingjoe writes: This sounds like it would be a great addition to any wood worker library.

Posted: 10:52 pm on October 15th

retireejd retireejd writes: I could really use this book!
Posted: 10:21 pm on October 15th

kthwilliamson kthwilliamson writes: Been researching router table plans for several months to find just the "right" one! Still relatively new to the site and the "Fine" woodworking community. Been a "gross" woodworker for several years and enjoying the challenge%2Pr
Posted: 8:07 pm on October 15th

docsharp docsharp writes: I've built two "router tables", they certainly don't look like router tables that anybody else has built. I'd love some guidance...
Posted: 11:53 am on October 15th

rodelco rodelco writes: I have been using a router table that I built when I first started woodworking, and would love to upgrade to a safer, and more accurate setup. I think this is just the book I have been looking for!
Posted: 7:49 am on October 15th

woodangel woodangel writes: This would be a great addition to my library. Need to learn how to make theist of router and table.
Posted: 5:22 am on October 15th

Drilmanen Drilmanen writes: Looking forward to perusing this one!
Posted: 10:45 pm on October 14th

Sakha_Yakutia Sakha_Yakutia writes: Nice! I'd be happy to read it.
Posted: 10:33 pm on October 14th

mhendrick mhendrick writes: Looks like an interesting book.
Posted: 9:54 pm on October 14th

DWats DWats writes: I love working with a router. this book could help me do it even better and more
Posted: 8:17 pm on October 14th

user-1093952 user-1093952 writes: That book would ba very good addition to my library.
Posted: 7:59 pm on October 14th

user-1080909 user-1080909 writes: I've been procrastinating building a router table, unsure of the best design for my particular purposes and the router I own. So your book is just the thing I need to get me off my butt and build an awesome table that will be just right for me.
Posted: 6:01 pm on October 14th

Oldfolks68 Oldfolks68 writes: Never too old to learn!
Posted: 3:57 pm on October 14th

Dsim Dsim writes: Looks like a good book, I would like to read.
Posted: 2:22 pm on October 14th

Yavyn Yavyn writes: Always need to learn more about routers!
Posted: 11:28 am on October 14th

gjoverto gjoverto writes: This looks like a very useful book to have and a good read for those winter days when the woodworking bug strikes, but you can't get to your shop!
Posted: 9:38 am on October 14th

user-1145206 user-1145206 writes: You are never too old to learn something new. I always enjoy a publication that teaches me a new and better way to do woodworking
Posted: 9:20 am on October 14th

Elizam Elizam writes: You can always learn something in a good book.
Posted: 8:41 am on October 14th

Endoftheroad Endoftheroad writes: I read ther intro and yes the real key is controlling the motion of the router . I make the error of spinning the wrong way occasioanlly and think a re-read is going to be good
Posted: 7:52 am on October 14th

lfmraz lfmraz writes: For built anything using wood, you must know how use a router correctly. And I hope use that tecnics here in Brazil too!
Posted: 5:47 am on October 14th

booboo68ss booboo68ss writes: The instructional books are always helpful.
Posted: 4:36 am on October 14th

srgerhol srgerhol writes: Just starting to use a router. All the help I can get is needed.
Posted: 12:08 am on October 14th

lindhrr lindhrr writes: "Wood" enjoy the book.
Posted: 11:11 pm on October 13th

user-4297722 user-4297722 writes: I really do need that book. Choose me.
Posted: 9:50 pm on October 13th

S_F S_F writes: Don't pick Goosenoose, Pick ME!
Posted: 8:58 pm on October 13th

jonrwoodman jonrwoodman writes: This would be a nice birthday gift. My birthday is the 17th but it won't be much fun. I get to spend it in the hospital instead of working in my wood shop. Getting old is not for the timid!
Posted: 6:56 pm on October 13th

goosenoose goosenoose writes: Pick me! Pick me!
Posted: 6:47 pm on October 13th

kimballsboy kimballsboy writes: Am about to purchase my first router...hope this will help.
Posted: 5:39 pm on October 13th

pianola pianola writes: Routing is an important operation in wood work, this book would be a handy asset in anyone's shop. My look forward to the results, keep up the look work.
Posted: 5:36 pm on October 13th

paeyer paeyer writes: I've used a couple of commercial tables that leave me looking for something that really works. Hope this provides that.

Posted: 5:12 pm on October 13th

jameegirl1 jameegirl1 writes: I know about a router from my dad. Growing up i would help him build things and make furniture to show him having a girl instead of a boy is not bad. I watched him and he taught me alot. Now I still enjoy redoing furniture and be proud of what I make, my new husband did not beleive me that I can work with wood. I showed him and he was impressed. I would make more wood projects but just being married money is tight, so I go to yard sales and try and find old furniture to redue. I miss my dads router and what it can do....learning more about a router as I beleive this magazine shows would be an honor to have. My dad is still alive and when ever I can I send him pics of what I have done. Thanks for listening Jamee
Posted: 4:47 pm on October 13th

ernie01jt ernie01jt writes: I'd love to have this book.
Posted: 4:47 pm on October 13th

Lew42 Lew42 writes: I am interested in the book because I consider the router a "must have" power tool.
Posted: 4:31 pm on October 13th

RayZab RayZab writes: It sounds like a great book.
Posted: 3:28 pm on October 13th

nosloj nosloj writes: I want it, I need it, Can't wait for it. Your books are the greatest so if I don't win I will buy. Thanks for the giveaway.
Posted: 2:19 pm on October 13th

Artoon Artoon writes: Routers, especially when used with a competent table and a few of the myriad jigs available, are perhaps the single most versatile tool in all of woodworking. This book could be ten times more extensive than it already is and STILL not scratch the surface of router use.
Posted: 2:05 pm on October 13th

parasiempre parasiempre writes: seria el libro ideal para mis elaboraciones, sigan asi
Posted: 1:29 pm on October 13th

neednewrouter neednewrouter writes: this book would be a welcome addition!
Posted: 12:39 pm on October 13th

jrodri1 jrodri1 writes: Just getting started, so this would help kick off what I hope will be a lifelong hobby.
Posted: 12:36 pm on October 13th

thetenor thetenor writes: If this book is as good as the articles in FW, it's worth the price and I'd love to have it. Winning it would be even better. The info from the magazine is very well written and easy to follow.
Posted: 12:23 pm on October 13th

avanabs avanabs writes: My other books from FineWoodworking have always been excellent, so I'll give it a try. Better odds than the lottery indeed, but then it's not $200 million either!
Posted: 12:13 pm on October 13th

joecohen joecohen writes: It'd be great to have this book, with all the FWW router articles in one place. Thanks!
Posted: 12:08 pm on October 13th

DavidBG DavidBG writes: I would like to see what if anything hasn't been written on this subject in this new book that hasn't been covered in the zillion books already written on routers.
Posted: 11:51 am on October 13th

kerngm kerngm writes: Great publication!!!! Keep it up.

Posted: 11:32 am on October 13th

dhdavis dhdavis writes: 1:136, better odds than the lottery, plus all the info in one place. I'm in.
Posted: 11:21 am on October 13th

dhdavis dhdavis writes: 1:136, better odds than the lottery, plus all the info in one place. I'm in.
Posted: 11:21 am on October 13th

jsand jsand writes: Always good things from Fine Woodworking
Posted: 11:09 am on October 13th

gcagala gcagala writes: I was delighted to receive your email announcing Fine Woodworking router book "giveaway." Upon opening the email, however, I was upset to learn the so-called giveaway was actually a contest. Pretty deceptive if you ask me. Definitely disappointing, and certainly disturbing.
Posted: 10:57 am on October 13th

abcd5678 abcd5678 writes: I have sighed up a couple days ago.
Let,s see if I have a beginners luck.
Posted: 10:45 am on October 13th

HansP HansP writes: My shop definitely needs a router table - it would be very helpful to see some different design options.
Posted: 10:35 am on October 13th

WebShepherd WebShepherd writes: I am new to routing and would love to learn more about routing and how to build a great router table. This book sounds just like what the doctor ordered.
Posted: 9:49 am on October 13th

AlvesP AlvesP writes: As a beginner wood worker this might be the perfect book to have!
Posted: 9:43 am on October 13th

Benedocit Benedocit writes: There is always something you can gain from having a great book like this on the shelf. I built my router table 15 years ago and have modified it over the years using techniques from books such as this...and indispensable tool!
Posted: 9:30 am on October 13th

woodshop56 woodshop56 writes: I'd value anything that came from Fine Woodworking.
Posted: 9:14 am on October 13th

KamWood KamWood writes: I have a router that is much neglected and could use a table in order to become more useful!
Posted: 9:12 am on October 13th

kcadam kcadam writes: I could use that book
Posted: 9:02 am on October 13th

rexthedog rexthedog writes: help me out here. i need the plans for a router table.
Posted: 8:25 am on October 13th

mike1wood mike1wood writes: Love what you are doing!
Posted: 8:21 am on October 13th

m_shepard m_shepard writes: I NEEED a router book!
Posted: 8:18 am on October 13th

Portage1969 Portage1969 writes: let's try again
Posted: 8:12 am on October 13th

KenHANGITALL KenHANGITALL writes: Count me in . I think I am under using my router and I would love to expand on this skill.
Posted: 7:32 am on October 13th

rbjozzia rbjozzia writes: FW Router articles are really good. I particularly like Pat Warner's writings.

Robin Johnston
Posted: 6:54 am on October 13th

DonzoB DonzoB writes: Routers have always been one of my favorite tools.

Posted: 6:19 am on October 13th

pelicanme pelicanme writes: I could use the info.
Posted: 6:11 am on October 13th

mwa1934 mwa1934 writes: Love this stuff!!
Posted: 5:51 am on October 13th

jhankinson jhankinson writes: I really do need all the help I can get.
Posted: 5:28 am on October 13th

dimmy dimmy writes: I m in :)
Posted: 5:15 am on October 13th

user-344640 user-344640 writes: Awesome - count me in!
Posted: 5:07 am on October 13th

user-2183219 user-2183219 writes: Wow! Free Book?! I'll take it!
Posted: 4:58 am on October 13th

Stumpy42 Stumpy42 writes: This is the only woodworking magazine I have subscribed to simply because of its quality
Posted: 4:45 am on October 13th

Fervel Fervel writes: COME TO PAPA, BABY!
Posted: 4:34 am on October 13th

ApsleyMan ApsleyMan writes: FW's articles and books are the best source of useful tool tips I've ever found. I'm just about to build a router table (a DW625 and Incra table insert are sitting ready an arm's length away as I write) and I can't wait to read this new book.
Posted: 4:05 am on October 13th

ciscochev ciscochev writes: Fine woodworking has tremendously helped me with my woodworking as a begginer.
Posted: 2:40 am on October 13th

jverreault jverreault writes: That would make a perfect addition to my library. Thanks for the chance.
Posted: 2:39 am on October 13th

Turtles_Cabinets Turtles_Cabinets writes: I would love this book.
Posted: 12:08 pm on October 12th

Pathrat06 Pathrat06 writes: Oegan - I'm not sure I would have gone that route..

Posted: 11:02 am on October 12th

Pathrat06 Pathrat06 writes: Oegan - I'm not sure I would have gone that route..

Posted: 11:02 am on October 12th

Pathrat06 Pathrat06 writes: Mine,mine, mine! :)

Posted: 11:00 am on October 12th

amorris101 amorris101 writes: This book will be a perfect addition to my research library!
Posted: 5:41 am on October 12th

oegan oegan writes: I'm prepared to get in a Row ter get this book!
Violence it may be, but Collet what you want!!
Don't take a fence, but a man's got dado what a man's got dado!!!
Posted: 4:31 am on October 12th

woodandiron woodandiron writes: this would be a good book to add to my library. Jim
Posted: 9:25 pm on October 11th

lowrider_ray lowrider_ray writes: I would love to add this book to my library
Posted: 8:42 pm on October 11th

WiseGuy81 WiseGuy81 writes: I have a Router...and I need help.
Posted: 3:59 pm on October 11th

psycut psycut writes: I'm a novice, bought my first router, I sure could use some instruction. Maybe a router book?
Posted: 3:49 pm on October 11th

mayoutze mayoutze writes: I have so many different plans about how I want to built my routing table that I might need this book to help me decide!
Posted: 3:38 pm on October 11th

danl4 danl4 writes: I could use a good router howto book.
Posted: 12:11 pm on October 11th

thedude50 thedude50 writes: I would love to add this book to my library on woodworking and tools the library has about 500 books some duplicates but I DONT HAVE THIS ONE AND WOULD LOVE TO BUY A FULL SET
Posted: 1:15 am on October 11th

classiccuts classiccuts writes: Having the book would be a bonus for any shop. For those of us that are in the group that looses, refer to
Posted: 12:06 am on October 11th

Lanier Lanier writes: That's a great looking router table on the cover of the book, very much like I want to build.
Posted: 12:04 am on October 11th

kpirri kpirri writes: Future high school woodshop teacher (Hopefully) would love to have this as another resource. cannot afford im a poor college student.
Posted: 9:10 pm on October 10th

TedP TedP writes: I'm looking to develop my router skills. This would be a good tool.
Posted: 8:09 pm on October 10th

CalvinPelletier CalvinPelletier writes: I think this book would be a great addition to a novice woodworker, like myself :)
Posted: 7:29 pm on October 10th

B_S_Weems B_S_Weems writes: I'm working on building my first workshop in my basement and could definitely use some direction with choosing a router and router table. Regardless of who wins the book I always find this website extremely helpful for finding woodworking information. Thanks guys!
Posted: 7:20 pm on October 10th

tenhoeda tenhoeda writes: I could certainly use all the router table help I could get :)
Posted: 7:18 pm on October 10th

awalnut awalnut writes: Ya got me.
Posted: 7:12 pm on October 10th

ISAF2007 ISAF2007 writes: mine
Posted: 6:41 pm on October 10th

TinkerToyTomboy TinkerToyTomboy writes: I would like to be a wizard-ess with a router.
Posted: 4:11 pm on October 10th

BetsyE BetsyE writes: Yup, CedarTim, you are right. S/b Thursday 10/18 - I'll fix it. Thanks, B
Posted: 9:40 am on October 10th

CedarTim CedarTim writes: BTW, isnt it Thursday Oct 18? :)
Posted: 8:16 am on October 10th

CedarTim CedarTim writes: Looks like something I could use to expand my skill set.
Posted: 8:12 am on October 10th

judgewood judgewood writes: Looks like a winna!
Posted: 12:10 am on October 10th

casaheil casaheil writes: Looks like a great book for stepping up my router skills.
--- Steve Heil
Posted: 11:40 pm on October 9th

Jim_NE Jim_NE writes: A project that's been on my burner for awhile.
Posted: 9:27 pm on October 9th

user-1006839 user-1006839 writes: I have recently purchased a new router table, and I am eager to learn about learning to use it. This new book looks right on point.
Posted: 7:53 pm on October 9th

KenHANGITALL KenHANGITALL writes: What a great looking book. Count me in I would love to learn more!
Posted: 7:49 pm on October 9th

kevmc_Sammamish kevmc_Sammamish writes: I need a book like this!
Posted: 7:21 pm on October 9th

jonquinn jonquinn writes: I'd like to win this book.
Posted: 6:59 pm on October 9th

EricBr EricBr writes: More knowledge on routers and tables... count me in.

Posted: 3:19 pm on October 9th

steveopre steveopre writes: I am setting up to build a router table. The timing could not be better.
Posted: 2:43 pm on October 9th

GregWorks GregWorks writes: I need to build a new router table.
Posted: 1:36 pm on October 9th

Mr. Bill Mr. Bill writes: I'm getting ready to build a new router table. I'm sure this book is full of great ideas for it.
Posted: 12:44 pm on October 9th

jjbellisle jjbellisle writes: I am a new to woodworking and would love to have this book to start my collection and if finewoodworking picks me I could biuld a router table for my bosch 2.25 router that I love so do a new guy a favor pick me please.Thanks for the oppertunity.
Posted: 11:50 am on October 9th

SummersWoodworking SummersWoodworking writes: I am just about to build me a router table to get by on. I would love to have this book. I am planning on building the ultimate router table in the near future, and with the help of this book I could accomplish it quickly. Please choose me!
Posted: 8:21 am on October 9th

joelarry joelarry writes: need to biuld router table. book would be very helpful
Posted: 8:12 am on October 9th

frostman frostman writes: Send it to ME...please.
Posted: 7:49 am on October 9th

pauldonis pauldonis writes: I could certainly use some help and ideas for a router table!
Posted: 6:49 am on October 9th

AdventurousConifer AdventurousConifer writes: I recently got a new porter cable router and need to build a router table. I would be happy to report back on the book and how building the table goes.
Posted: 6:48 am on October 9th

barney2804 barney2804 writes: Would be a great addition to my classroom to give the students another source of information besides their old teacher:)

Posted: 2:14 am on October 9th

nznix nznix writes: this would be a welcome addition to my woodworking library
Posted: 1:21 am on October 9th

pigs1040 pigs1040 writes: Of course we all want the book, but to say we want the book is just boring. I want the book to increase my creative skills! To tap into the authors knowledge and pull out some new ideas, something that i can say, wow that's a great idea, and put to use, not put on a shelf. I have a router, i use it to route coves, but what else is out there? there is a whole world of new ideas, waiting to be discovered, woods to be conquered! Trees to be cut down to form building materials to which my hands can craft into something that has meaning to someone,,, this my friends, this is why I would like this book!
Posted: 1:06 am on October 9th

Henning Henning writes: This would be nice, a friend has borrowed a book on routers for 3 years now...
Posted: 12:22 am on October 9th

GeorgeSA GeorgeSA writes: I need to make a new router table and I am sure that Routers & Router Tables from the editors of Fine Woodworking will be a valuable resource of ideas for this project and also the many tips and techniques will be a gold mine on how to use the router table afterwards.
Posted: 12:21 am on October 9th

montee montee writes: Love more tips & tricks about routing!
Definitely room for this one.
Posted: 10:59 pm on October 8th

Dan01 Dan01 writes: I'd love to win the book on Routers and router Tables.
Posted: 10:51 pm on October 8th

IrishMikeScott IrishMikeScott writes: My router scares me! Need a book like this to help me through my fears so that I can take my router out of the box
Posted: 10:16 pm on October 8th

klh13 klh13 writes: I can always use new tips and tricks for using my router.
Posted: 10:01 pm on October 8th

Tedduhbois Tedduhbois writes: Count me in
Posted: 9:40 pm on October 8th

Dewy Dewy writes: Would love to include this book in my library! Thanks!
Posted: 9:31 pm on October 8th

roydh roydh writes: oh yes please...... let me know when available to buy also please
Posted: 8:47 pm on October 8th

rf8driver rf8driver writes: Just bought another router, and now have 5 or 6, but no table since I have a Craftsman moulder and thought it was enough. Not so; a router table can do what a moulder can't.
Posted: 8:35 pm on October 8th

rcbergstrom rcbergstrom writes: I have been thinking of a new router table, and this book looks like it could be helpful
Posted: 8:26 pm on October 8th

RonG1 RonG1 writes: Please and Thank you !!
Posted: 8:24 pm on October 8th

rodk1 rodk1 writes: Thanks, I would love a chance to win.
Posted: 7:55 pm on October 8th

davesnyder davesnyder writes: I could use this book.
Posted: 7:52 pm on October 8th

Nimon Nimon writes: I'm feeling lucky.
Posted: 7:44 pm on October 8th

trantj trantj writes: The tips/techniques from the book will definitely help me build my skills.
Posted: 7:36 pm on October 8th

pjpryor pjpryor writes: Thanks for the opportunity!
Posted: 7:28 pm on October 8th

andymancan andymancan writes: Well, this looks to be an interesting book! I can always use a few tips when it comes to routing.
Posted: 6:59 pm on October 8th

Nitreug Nitreug writes: A router table is on my to do list shortly so I could surely enjoy this book.
Posted: 6:44 pm on October 8th

Spenyg Spenyg writes: I love Routers...
Posted: 6:28 pm on October 8th

ScottHokunson ScottHokunson writes: I would love to ad this book to my library!
Posted: 6:13 pm on October 8th

user-5126225 user-5126225 writes: Yep!, count me in
Posted: 6:12 pm on October 8th

munkeyfish munkeyfish writes: Oh yes, please add me to the drawing. And feel free to pick me!
Posted: 6:06 pm on October 8th

lyonsj88 lyonsj88 writes: I could always use a new book
Posted: 5:39 pm on October 8th

kayak789 kayak789 writes: SOunds like a great book, would be great to have.
Posted: 3:55 pm on October 8th

JP4 JP4 writes: Count me in. Thanks.

Posted: 3:36 pm on October 8th

308defense 308defense writes: HI:
This would be a great Book to add to my limited Library. It would help me be a better Router user. Thank for the chance to win one.
Posted: 2:50 pm on October 8th

Larrythewoodguy Larrythewoodguy writes: I must have this book please.
Posted: 2:36 pm on October 8th

RobertWhiteneck RobertWhiteneck writes: Count me in.
Posted: 2:20 pm on October 8th

scrabtree46 scrabtree46 writes: please ole please give it to me ;)

Posted: 2:12 pm on October 8th

TomComputer TomComputer writes: As with all of these books, it would be nice to have a list of the original articles that make up the book. That way I would know if I needed the book because I was missing the articles.
Posted: 1:08 pm on October 8th

brrbtr brrbtr writes: I need this!

Posted: 12:34 pm on October 8th

TomR3399 TomR3399 writes: I'm all for better education, better yet if it is FREE !
Posted: 12:31 pm on October 8th

jdm92562 jdm92562 writes: Why not?
Posted: 11:47 am on October 8th

PlaneJoe PlaneJoe writes: Tips and techniques for better woodworking? I'm in!
Posted: 10:47 am on October 8th

allen007 allen007 writes: count me in
Posted: 9:28 am on October 8th

LBF LBF writes: I just received my new router table. This book would be great!
Posted: 8:35 am on October 8th

strikeshield strikeshield writes: This would be great as I am in the process of building a router table...pick meeee !
Posted: 8:30 am on October 8th

fred_1_fred fred_1_fred writes: Great chance to feed the addiction!
Posted: 8:21 am on October 8th

NikonD80 NikonD80 writes: I think the book should be sent to me - go on, you know you want to ;)
Posted: 7:57 am on October 8th

rpaul1 rpaul1 writes: I watched my father build amazing cabinets and other items out of wood using nothing more than a simple 10 inch contractors table saw and without the benefit of any books or the Internet. I wonder what he could have accomplished if he would have had access to all of what Fine Woodworking provides....
Posted: 7:42 am on October 8th

Jedekia Jedekia writes: As an elderly gent residing in the antipodes about to retire and pick up my tools again as a retiree I realy need this book as I can't afford to pay for it on the pension I will be recieving ;-)
Posted: 6:03 am on October 8th

shane24 shane24 writes: Maybe I can get a REAL table made instead of using that plastic one that came with my router. Can you say storage space?
Posted: 1:10 am on October 8th

RJH311 RJH311 writes: I just built a router table! I need this!
Posted: 11:39 pm on October 7th

Noah74 Noah74 writes: This book would definitely be helpful
Posted: 11:07 pm on October 7th

MissionFan MissionFan writes: A good router table is such a versatile work station. I would love to learn more from the book!

Posted: 10:36 pm on October 7th

permastudent permastudent writes: Looks a like an interested read. I'm curious.
Posted: 10:05 pm on October 7th

slydogx slydogx writes: Yep, want that.
Posted: 9:39 pm on October 7th

kkelly kkelly writes: One of my first shop projects was a router table and use it to this day... The home made fence did get replaced with Incra but the rest has stood the test of time.
Posted: 9:34 pm on October 7th

jeffreyi jeffreyi writes: Maybe this time!
Looks like a great book.
Posted: 9:32 pm on October 7th

Dean7 Dean7 writes: Sounds like very useful book. I've never won before but maybe this will be the winning entry.
Posted: 9:09 pm on October 7th

guidojack guidojack writes: This could help with my router table build-or-buy decision.
Posted: 8:04 pm on October 7th

cahudson42 cahudson42 writes: Another hat in the ring! Thanks!
Posted: 7:46 pm on October 7th

ScoFF ScoFF writes: I just picked up two routers and plan on building a table. I'd like to take a peek at this book for hints.
Posted: 7:14 pm on October 7th

RalphBarker RalphBarker writes: I love the smell of routing in the morning. It smells like . . . shaped wood. ;-)

Posted: 7:06 pm on October 7th

mzollinger_14 mzollinger_14 writes: Very versatile tool. I'd love to know more!
Posted: 4:18 pm on October 7th

sleclerc sleclerc writes: I've tried more router table designs than any other tool, and I'm still trying to find one I can live with for a long time. I'll bet this book would help!
Posted: 2:49 pm on October 7th

MikeSweet MikeSweet writes: Don't know why my previous post said "I" because what I wanted to say was I have four routers and a table. My most used tool.
Posted: 2:12 pm on October 7th

ShooterBoy ShooterBoy writes: Another giveaway! Sweeet ...

I need all the help I can get on using a router table ..
Posted: 1:49 pm on October 7th

grin grin writes: Sounds like a nice book to have in the collection. Thanks
Posted: 1:02 pm on October 7th

MikeSweet MikeSweet writes: I
Posted: 12:42 pm on October 7th

GlenRoseBud GlenRoseBud writes: I use my router/router table on most of my projects and can use all the tips I can get.
Posted: 12:28 pm on October 7th

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