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I think that I shall never see, a poem lovely as a tree

comments (4) September 28th, 2012 in blogs

sscott Stephen Scott, associate editor
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In every woodworker beats the heart of a poet. Read on and see if you agree...

In every woodworker beats the heart of a poet. Read on and see if you agree...


Photo: Steve Scott

Reader Steve Butler found himself visited by The Muse last week, and he sent us the result - an ode to the cabinetmaker. Enjoy!




A cabinetmaker's hands move over the wood

Checking to see if the pattern is good.  

Making sure that the grain lines up as it should

The cabinetmaker's hands move over the wood.


The design in his head had troubled his brain

But he smiled as he worked when each answer came

Passing wood through his saw he reached for his plane

Joining the corners and squaring the frame


Fitting a drawer 'til it's trim and it's true

And easily glides before he gets through

Or adjusting a hinge to give it its due

Restoring the work or making it new


Beauty and strength of wood are his trade

As it pleases the eye in the things that he's made

Taking pride in his tools when honing each blade

Clearing his bench where they're carefully laid


His shop smells of oak, cherry and pine

Waxes and oils his pieces refined

Bringing to life things well designed
Withstanding the test of the passage of time


The beauty inside is released as he sands

The man seems to know what his heart understands

With his eye for proportion and the skill it demands
He passes his spirit through the tools in his hands


A tree in the forest asleep as it stood

'Til the cabinetmaker's hands awakened the wood.


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Comments (4)

cosmec502 cosmec502 writes: lovely and very true.
Posted: 7:16 am on October 7th

NewEnglander1 NewEnglander1 writes: Very enjoyable and very well crafted.
(Alfred) Joyce Kilmer would have approved!
Posted: 6:38 pm on October 1st

CedarTim CedarTim writes: No truer words could be said so well. Thanks for sharing!
Posted: 8:37 am on September 30th

pitbully pitbully writes: What a great poem Steve,thanks for sharing with us. (:^0)
Posted: 8:17 am on September 29th

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