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Zig Zag rocker

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sharps sharps, member
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Unique rocking chair I saw in a magazine. Only 2 legs, was fun to build.

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leesdaytona leesdaytona writes: Greetings!
I hope one of you can help me here with this project. I am a high school shop teacher. I have two kids making this rocker, and I am at the point with them where we are ready to trace the 30 degree angle line onto the rocker runner where the leg attaches.
On the plan, it states that both the leg and the front of the rocker runner have a 30 degree angle, and thus come together to form a 60 degree angle.
Because the width of the leg is different from the width of the runner, this is mathematically impossible to have that 60 degree angle, with the seam of the joint matching.
The plan shows just line up the leg, and trace the line onto the runner. But this would no longer be a 60 degree angle. Is this OK?
PLEASE HELP! I don't want to steer these kids wrong and have a broken chair at the end. They have worked very hard so far.

Posted: 9:45 pm on February 25th

elfho elfho writes: I built one of these rockers. Following the plans exactly and after it was completed it is as StepTayl mentions. To say the action is short is giving it credit. You have to use your legs to try to push the chair back. It will not rock at all, instead it leans so far forward it is uncomfortable to sit in. I finally had to take blocks and attach them to the front of the rockers so you could sit in the chair. A complete waste of time and money to build.
Posted: 5:13 pm on December 23rd

sharps sharps writes: I built 2 of these for mine new grand daughters. I did not have any of those issues on either one.
Posted: 7:41 am on September 15th

StepTayl StepTayl writes: I also built this rocker, thought it looked great and wanted to try bending the rockers. But I've noticed the "action" in the rocking is short, doesn't go back very far.. Also the seat seems kind of far forward which puts you very far infront of the rock. Any similar experience.
Posted: 11:14 am on September 14th

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