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The Editors Mailbox

General International Router Table Kits Give You Lots of Options

comments (1) August 24th, 2012 in blogs

Tom Tom McKenna, Managing Editor
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General Internationals router tables are available with MDF, phenolic, or cast-iron tops. You can also put together your own by buying parts a la carte.
Each table comes with a router lift that has four posts instead of the usual two. The company claims this adds rigidity and stability to the operation.
One of the features we like most is the dust box that mounts below the table. It connects to a dust port in the fence and has a 4 in. port to connect to a dust collector, allowing you to catch dust above and below the table. The baffle on the side is useful for adjusting airflow as needed.

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General International has taken a different approach to commercial router tables. Their new line, called the Deluxe Router Table Kit, allows you to buy a complete table or custom make your own, choosing parts a la carte to build one within your own budget.

The tables have a bunch of great features. Each one is sold with a beefy router lift. The lift is a four post design with a chain drive to raise and lower the router. The top plate is sturdy aluminum (9 1/4 in. by 11 3/4 in.). The fence is versatile and made from extruded aluminum with tracks for the blade guard and any hold downs or featherboards you may want to add. The fence faces are 3/4 in. thick MDF, with a slick melamine face. And when the faces get worn out, you can make your own replacement faces or simply make a custom zero clearance face for any bit. Finally, there's a dust port in back that has a clever ramp that should help direct dust to where it should go.

Speaking of dust, the General tables all come with a nifty dust collection kit that mounts over the router and lift. It connects to the dust port on the fence, and has a 4in. port that goes to a dust collector. this way, you collect dust both up top and down below. The box has an access door, so you can get to the router easily, a grommet to fit the router cord through without compromising airflow, and an ingenious baffle that allows you to adjust airflow as needed. This feature is handy when you have a large bit buried in the fence and it needs a bit more airflow to avoid choking the system.

You can choose three different tops: cast iron, phenolic, or MDF. A kit with a cast-iron top runs $890; MDF is $785; and phenolic is $845. To build a table a la carte, you'll have to visit General's website to get pricing info. All of the models are currently available.

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Woodsmithy Woodsmithy writes: Looks similar to Jessem router tables and lifts.
Posted: 8:41 am on August 25th

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