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Complete IWF Woodworking Show Coverage

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Fine Woodworkings editors will be hunting the convention floor at the 2012 IWF show in search of cool new tools and machinery. Beginning Thursday, August 23, be sure to check here for complete blog coverage from tool and hardware manufacturers. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

Fine Woodworking's editors will be hunting the convention floor at the 2012 IWF show in search of cool new tools and machinery. Beginning Thursday, August 23, be sure to check here for complete blog coverage from tool and hardware manufacturers.

Coverage Begins Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Every other year, the International Woodworking Fair (IWF) takes over the Georgia World Conference Center for a massive show including just about every power tool, machinery, and hardware manufacturer imaginable. As always, a team of Fine Woodworking editors will be on the ground, reporting on the latest innovations and offerings set to hit the retail market.

Click here to bookmark this page in your browser for a quick index on the most up-to-date reports. We'll be adding links to it as our coverage progresses from Wednesday through Friday.

Your Complete Guide to IWF Tool and Hardware News

Rockler has 5 great ideas under $25
Rockler unveils at least a dozen cool new tools, with my 5 favorites all coming in under $25, yet all promising to make you a better woodworker, or at least, a happier one.
Powermatic's Philosophy: Go Big, or Go Home
Powermatic introduces game-changing machinery at this year's IWF: A new drill press and a new bandsaw, both of which offer innovative features that any woodworker will appreciate. Plus, earlier this year they rolled out a beast of a lathe.
bosch Bosch Chopsaw and Pin Nailer Pack in the Value
While others race to fill out their product lines with me-too products, Bosch watches and waits. Their new pin nailer is a good example of how they took their time to develop a quality product that has a few features that even the big nailer companies don't have.
Kreg and Triton Team Up with a Handy Bench Clamp and a High-Performance Sander
Kreg recently became the sole distributor for Triton power tools, allowing Kreg to roll out an innovative line of power tools to go with their accessories.
Veritas Unveils Unplugged Innovation
Not all the tools at this year's IWF get plugged in. Lee Valley Tools (Veritas) staked a nice, cozy corner of Hall B to showcase a number of their new and existing hand tools and accessories.
  General International Router Table Kits Give You Lots of Options
General International has taken a different approach to commercial router tables. Their new line, called the Deluxe Router Table Kit, allows you to buy a complete table or custom make your own, choosing parts a la carte to build one within your own budget.
New Felder/Hammer Segmented Cutterhead Might be Best on Market
They are calling it "Silent Power," rolling it out on their entire line of Felder and Hammer machines. The new cutterhead design promises to be 50% quieter yet use less power, and leave zero tracks.
Multi-Router Turns 25 and Still Can't Be Beat
The JDS Multi-Router, which turns 25 this year, has won every test we've ever done of joint-making machines, and is still unchallenged.
High-Tech Sawblades Pack in the Value
New sawblades from Guhdo, a German tool manufacturer, offer high quality at an easy price. The blades feature a new coating that is thinner than other coatings used by other blade makers and is applied using an elecrostatic process-no chemicals are involved.
Whiteside Rolls Out the Cadillac of Flush-Trimming Bits
Called the Ultimate Trim Bits, these solid carbide bits feature high shear cutting angles with compression action, a technology borrowed from CNC. What makes these bits unique is that you no longer have to worry about changing cutting direction or flipping workpieces to avoid tearout as you rout.
SawStop Benchtop Model Delayed a Year
When last we spoke to SawStop inventor and owner Stephen Gass, he promised a jobsite version of the copany's finger-saving saw at IWF 2012. But the product was a no-show, delayed a year, said a company spokesman.


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Comments (6)

elliegirl elliegirl writes: sorry i missed it ,kinda thought this show was just for big shops and manufactures.
Posted: 8:33 pm on August 27th

tmelch tmelch writes: I was there looking for an 8" jointer. The only ones I found were from General, and I almost bought one except I've never heard of them as a major player, is big in Canada. Jet had I think 4 pieces of equipment TOTAL, Powermatic seemed to be focused on their new lathe. Delta missed the show, didn't see Rikon or Laguna either. Nothing else except some small players like Steel City, etc. Of course no Grizzly. General was impressive though, they were stacked to the gills with equipment, gotta appreciate that. Very good quality but not inexpensive though, their retail is way above Powermatic and Laguna, at least for jointers. Guess it's the Canadian dollar?? Will probably go Grizzly as it seems a jointer is a jointer, not much innovation there that I can see.
Posted: 12:01 pm on August 27th

AsaC AsaC writes: That's an astute observation, Woodsmithy. With folks holding onto the machines they have, it is a tough time for the big machinery guys to innovate and do product launches. But attendance was way up at IWF, and the mood was much brighter than in the recent past.
Posted: 4:23 pm on August 25th

Woodsmithy Woodsmithy writes: Other than Powermatic (Walter Meier) I'm not seeing much investment in new or redesigned power tools. Where's Delta, and Grizzly? Has the slow economy stopped R&D in the woodworking tool industry? You would think that industry would take this time to develop new tools to renew interest or incentive for people to spend some hard earned dollars.
Posted: 9:22 am on August 25th

ChrisW ChrisW writes: Please cover hardware, such as box hinges and locks and also hand tools. Its a good opportunity to get sales from non US countries such as myself in NZ.
Posted: 3:21 pm on August 23rd

JeffB JeffB writes: I'll be there!
Posted: 8:16 pm on August 21st

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