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Klein Cabinet

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FlookDDoo FlookDDoo, member
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Handcut Dovetails
Handcut Dovetails

The Klein Cabinet seamlessly blends three distinct species of wood into one cohesive unit; an extremely handsome cabinet that will stand out amongst the rest of your non-flook d. doo furniture. The body was built using some beautiful, white slabs of birch for the sides, and two equally striking boards of dark walnut for the top and bottom. The door features the most interesting slice of spalted maple in my stack, framed with, you guessed it, more walnut. Inside, the birch shelves are lined, yet again, with even more beautiful walnut, creating sharp, sleak lines that match the cabinet sides perfectly.

Design or Plan used: My own design - Flook D. Doo (James Krenov inspired)

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FlookDDoo FlookDDoo writes: In this case it's very flattering to be compared to a machine. Thank you again, and feel free to check out my website for more hand-cut dovetails...
Posted: 7:33 am on August 9th

rollo1 rollo1 writes: I retract my previous statement and would like to add that your DT's are so perfectly cut I was led to believe they were machine cut. I know mine don't fit that well :). Brilliant work!
Posted: 10:13 pm on August 8th

FlookDDoo FlookDDoo writes: I just wanted to add that I'm very careful to take my time with my dovetails. I use a great amount of care when laying them out, then continue to lay them out as I cut them to ensure a good fit. In my opinion, well executed dovetails is one of the best measures of a good cabinetmaker. I'd like to thank you again for reminding me that I should be calling attention to the fact that my dovetails are hand-cut. As a woodworker I tend to assume that everyone cuts them by hand, so as a result, I've added captions to my dovetail pics stating them as such.

Thank you once more for your comment,

Spartan R.
Posted: 10:32 am on July 29th

FlookDDoo FlookDDoo writes: Wow, what a nice compliment. Those ARE hand cut dovetails. Thanks for the comment.
Posted: 10:15 am on July 29th

rollo1 rollo1 writes: great design and execution. I love spalted maple contrasting with walnut. One piece of advice tho: buy a sweet dovetail saw (i love wenzloff, but pick your poison) and embrace hand cut dovetails. You won't go back to the router once you do :)
Posted: 8:17 pm on July 27th

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