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Cherry and Paduak Humidor

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Front view of closed humidor
Side view illustrating hand cut dovetails and padauk base and pillowed top
Open humidor showing Spanish cedar liner in the cover and cigar trays in storage area.
Front view of closed humidor - CLICK TO ENLARGE

Front view of closed humidor

Photo: By the author


My son has developed a liking for good cigars and but had neglected to obtain any effective storage capability.Just prior to his moving to Germany, I designed a humidor measuring 12 x 15 x 6 inches that would store up to 50 cigars in a humidity controlled environment. The basic case is a cherry wood dovetailed box with a well-fitted cover and plywood bottom that provide a relatively tight moisture seal. The pillowed top of the cover is solid padauk floated in a deep dado in the cover walls to provide for expansion.The base is also padauk.   Inside the cherry box, a Spanish cedar box with ¼ inch thick walls, top and bottom was fitted inside the case and cover.  Two large and 2 small Spanish cedar cigar trays with padauk handles provide for convenient storage containers. The humidifier and moisture meter (not shown) fits between the stacked trays.

Prior to installing the cedar box, the inside surfaces of the exterior box were sealed with 4 coats of wipe-on polyurethane varnish. The exterior was coated with 6 coats of clear satin Bartley gel finish.  


Design or Plan used: My Own Design - Dick O'Neil

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DonKCV DonKCV writes: I would like to build a humidor that appears outside like this one with beautiful hardwood grain on all sides & top and slightly rounded corners? However I would like to build it from 1/8" veneer on 9/16" Spanish cedar much like Rick Allyn's article in FWW Magazine #127. The dilemma in combining the external appearance of the article above and Rick's construction approach is: How can I Jo the joinery on corners from 1/8" veneered material and form rounded, 1/8 to 1/4 inch rounded coroners!!

Don Hofer
Posted: 11:29 pm on December 2nd

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