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Shop Talk Live 9: Four Finger Swipe

comments (8) June 23rd, 2012 in blogs

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This week on Shop Talk Live, our editors answer your woodworking questions and reveal their pre-Fine Woodworking pasts. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

This week on Shop Talk Live, our editors answer your woodworking questions and reveal their pre-Fine Woodworking pasts.

Every two weeks, a team of Fine Woodworking staffers answer questions from readers on Shop Talk Live, Fine Woodworking's biweekly podcast and video livestream. Send your woodworking questions to for consideration in the regular broadcast!

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Shop Talk Live 9: Four Finger Swipe


This week, we tackle a frequently-asked question as our editors reveal their pre-Fine Woodworking pasts. Then, Asa delves into the strange non-woodworking mechanics of super-secret iPhone techniques like the "four finger swipe," as learned from his daughter. Later on, the guys get around to tackling some more serious woodworking questions.

Asa Christiana
FWW Editor

Matt Kenney
Senior editor

Ed Pirnik
Senior web producer

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Comments (8)

woodgeek woodgeek writes: I agree with a previous poster. Bring back the videos. In this day and age many of us have the ability to view video on any number of platforms. Save audio only for listening to audiobooks and music!
Posted: 10:23 pm on December 3rd

labrat7357 labrat7357 writes: Forget the "very clever" but meaningless titles.It takes ages to down load a blog and when it is not what is expected you switch off or in my case start asking if I should continue to subscribe. Apply the KISS princple to titles. Woodworkers are generally down to earth people and thrive on straight talk not this cryptic rubbish.
Posted: 9:07 am on September 19th

redruna redruna writes: Old teacher's proverb: tell me and I'll forget quickly; show me and maybe I'll learn a little; let me do it myself with under your guidance, and I'll remember forever.

Bring back the videos. At least we can go off and try out the techniques for ourselves, then go back to watch again if we need to.
Posted: 12:16 pm on June 30th

BStev BStev writes: Podcasts work great, I listen to them while I'm wandering around the shop. Never even looked at one of the videos, just don't have time to sit down in front of the computer for an hour. Keep up the good work.
Posted: 8:52 am on June 26th

thisworks thisworks writes: I liked the video versions much better. I doubt if I will continue to listen to the new podcasts.
Posted: 8:41 pm on June 25th

wvwoodshed wvwoodshed writes: This is just a brief comment on the perspectives regarding the cover photo on issue 227. I do not think it should be looked at as the magazine's responsibility to insure photos in the magazine depict appropriate safety practices. The reality is this speaks to the real world attitudes towards safety as a whole. If safety were truly a focus, it would have been an automatic, not something requiring instruction from the photographer. I am also concerned by the hosts position of making excuses regarding unusual circumstances due to the story aspect of the situation. If anything you would think safety would be even closer to the forefront of everyone's mind. Lead by example and never faulter from the intent of your mission. Keep your mind on your fingers and your fingers on your hands!!!!!!!!!

Posted: 11:40 am on June 25th

Vaneng Vaneng writes: great job, keep it going.
I did like the video as I am in Australia and can not go to any of your forums. It gave me faces to the names
Posted: 9:43 pm on June 24th

Semmons23 Semmons23 writes: I loved watching the paint dry....I can't watch live but I did watch later. Anyway...
Posted: 8:33 pm on June 24th

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