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The Editors Mailbox

How to Slice the Toughest Material Known to Man

comments (6) May 31st, 2012 in blogs, videos

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Produced by: Ed Pirnik

If you you've ever wanted to learn solid woodworking techniques live, from some of the finest craftsmen in the country, now's your chance. This summer, Fine Woodworking is bringing together some of the magazine's best-known contributors for our first-ever live event: Fine Woodworking Live.

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Take your pick from any of six core classes and over a dozen elective courses covering everything from decorative detail work and essential workbench jigs, to router joinery, workbench techniques, and more. A whole host of our most popular authors will be there-- including Garrett Hack, Michael Fortune, Christian Becksvoort, Michael Pekovich, Phil Lowe, and many more.

Special Guest Presentation from Woodworker and NBC Sitcom Star Nick Offerman

Nick OffermanNick Offerman stars on NBC's Thursday night comedy, Parks & Recreation, and also runs a professional woodworking shop in Los Angeles. He grew up working on a farm in Illinois, but his devilish wit led him to the University of Illinois, where he studied acting and set design. Later, in Chicago, he traded his scenery-building services for small parts in plays, and those finally brought him to L.A., where he would eventually land his role as the deadpan Ron Swanson in Parks & Recreation. When the camera stops rolling however, Nick heads for his shop, where he and four part-timers turn out beautiful furniture from slabs of distinctive wood. Be sure to check out his recent article in Fine Woodworking #222.

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Comments (6)

lwj2 lwj2 writes: Y'all are lunatics. That was neat, though. :)
Posted: 6:03 am on June 8th

dcstephano dcstephano writes: Did you hear the one about the carpenter who made a table out of wood from his head? He had enough left over to make a set of chairs.
Posted: 9:15 pm on June 2nd

Wixom Wixom writes: That wood that was being shaved probably had some good interior dry rot going on inside. It goes good with the dry humor of the video. Had to sharpen and hone that blade a couple of times when his back was being shaved, too.
Posted: 11:31 am on June 2nd

noqtr noqtr writes: What kind of wood is that? It looks all knotty and warped ! maybe after your done and a finish is applied ... hey , what do I know? you guys are the experts.
Posted: 5:52 am on June 2nd

AWhitman AWhitman writes: A certain phrase "just keep it above the belt" comes to mind.
Posted: 5:20 pm on May 31st

scrabtree46 scrabtree46 writes: come to chicago

Posted: 1:12 pm on May 31st

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