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From tree to picture frame

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Antondeg Antondeg, member
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This was the tree that I cut down. It had died and the top broken off.
Cutting the slices on the bandsaw after cutting it down the middle with the chainsaw.
I then sliced it down the middle with a chainsaw and then into 4 slices with my bandsaw.
Then when I thought it was dry... Well the tree was dead so the would should be dry right? Wrong!
But I edged and thicknessed it anyway. And then hand to deal with the warped boards.
After fixing my picture frame jig and a couple of reworks I finally got it right.
This was the tree that I cut down. It had died and the top broken off. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

This was the tree that I cut down. It had died and the top broken off.

I needed to make a piture frame for a painting of my dog Nita. I had looked at various pieces of wood in my pile but nothing took my fancy. Then I finally got round to cutting down a dead tree in my yard and decided to use it.

It was a fun processes but I realized that I do need a moister meter because I thought that if the tree was dead the wood would be dry and that proved very wrong. So I had to deal with some warp. Leason learnt put that on my shopping list.

Finished with Danish Oil and polished with wax.

It was much better than just burning the wood.

Design or Plan used: My Own Design - Anton de Gruchy

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Comments (4)

MacGregorWoodWorks MacGregorWoodWorks writes: It must be dogwood because it still has some bark!
Posted: 12:16 am on July 26th

justpiddlin justpiddlin writes: I'm pretty sure it's dogwood. I just resawed a log just like this one for a mallet head I plan to make.
Posted: 6:56 am on May 10th

Antondeg Antondeg writes: I think it is hickory but I really have not idea.
Posted: 11:34 am on May 9th

vwdiesel vwdiesel writes: What kind of wood?
Posted: 11:52 pm on May 8th

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