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Shop Talk Live 6: On the Pod

comments (14) May 11th, 2012 in blogs, videos

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Video Length: 51:12

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Shop Talk Live 6: On the Pod

This week, FWW editor Asa Christiana was joined by FWW author and finishing guru, Jeff Jewitt.

Asa Christiana
FWW editor

Jeff Jewitt
FWW author

Ed Pirnik
FWW senior web producer


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Comments (14)

KenVT KenVT writes: The best one yet. Keep in mind that Shop Talk Live has a format and, even though there is a great guest, there are additional segments that need to be covered such as Best Tool Ever (This Week). (and the Third Voice doesn't bother me at all.)
Posted: 10:30 am on September 10th

MplsMike MplsMike writes: Disorienting production design. The off-camera voice doesn't work as a production element. My suggestion would be to dispense with this third character entirely and let Asa handle all of the housekeeping duties, or bring the third character on camera.
Posted: 4:04 pm on May 31st

Mike_Tysoe Mike_Tysoe writes: Fountainhughes; yes, nslewis is correct, you can isolate the existing amber shellac with de-waxed shellac, such as Zissner (I use Liberon, because it is more available here in England) but give everything a sand with fine paper first to reduce the amount of original finish and get rid of any accumulated wax polish, grease etc. Give everything 2 coats of 2lb cut de-waxed, to be double sure you isolate everything and then lightly scuff sand when dry, to give a key for the poly to grip on to. As long as you are careful not to cut right through the isolating coat, then I don't think you will have any problems with the poly.

Hope this helps,

Posted: 11:28 am on May 21st

nslewis nslewis writes: fountainhughes: I would take a scrap panel (preferably the same species and grain type as the doors, to ensure similar results) and coat it just exactly the same as the doors. Then hit it with a single light coat of dewaxed shellac - Zissner makes a 2 lbs. cut of this called SealCoat, and it will work wonders in most situations. You could even cut the SealCoat further with denatured alcohol, down to 1 lb. Letting all coats dry, put the poly on the test panel. Let that dry a few days (the longer the better, as poly takes forever to cure), and then do some simple adhesion test like scratching it. Test it however you like - with water, heat, whatever. See what happens and if it seems sound to you, then go for it on the doors. In my non-expert opinion, of course.
Posted: 11:31 am on May 20th

fountainhughes fountainhughes writes: Since polyureathane hates wax, if you wished to put a polyureathane over a shellaced surface how exactly would you go about this? I used amber shellac on some doors that I would also like to poly but am getting mixed messages about how to go about this. Enjoyed the podcast.
Posted: 8:13 am on May 20th

Mike_Tysoe Mike_Tysoe writes: Hello,

I think Jeff and Asa forgot to mention that polyureathane hates wax under it, so must use de-waxed shellac as a sealer. otherwise good advice, oil polyurathane is often overlooked these days, but a great finish.
Posted: 5:01 am on May 20th

ryereaper1 ryereaper1 writes: this pod had some good hints but the majority was like listening to four women all talking at the same time. Fat boy kept talking over the person who had some expertise to share.
Try again
Posted: 5:17 pm on May 19th

Skysailor Skysailor writes: Excellent information! I am in the final stages of finishing a large mahogany and walnut bookcase. Yesterday I picked up some boiled linseed oil and thought I would try that to get a little "pop" out of the wood, then finish with polyurethane or shellac. I was pleased to hear Jeff suggest this finish. Keep up the good work!
Posted: 3:00 pm on May 19th

hikerray hikerray writes: Excellent! My first time watching - keep it up! I'm learning a lot.

Ray Jensen
Posted: 2:09 pm on May 19th

scrabtree46 scrabtree46 writes: Thanks, great info and it was enjoyable to watch!

Thanks again
Posted: 3:59 pm on May 16th

jayelton jayelton writes: WOW, best episode yet. Thanks guys. In my book, Jeff would be welcome for a return visit in the near future. As always, Asa brings a good grounding to all the info for the average woodworker. Keep up the good job.
Posted: 9:45 am on May 16th

jayelton jayelton writes: WOW, best episode yet. Thanks guys. In my book, Jeff would be welcome for a return visit in the near future. As always, Asa brings a good grounding to all the info for the average woodworker. Keep up the good job.
Posted: 9:45 am on May 16th

pintodeluxe pintodeluxe writes: I was dissapointed with the use of time in this weeks pod cast. With Jeff Jewitt available to dispell common myths about finishing, Asa chose instead to talk about his bandsaw. Between the moderator and Asa's interuptions, Jeff was lucky to get a word in edgewise.
In 50 minutes you could have covered water vs oil, spray vs. brush,and talked about a couple nice lacquer and poly techniques.
I would like to see the show have a topic, and stay on topic. Allow the speaker to finish his thoughts, and clarify his point without interuption from the moderator and co-host. Visual aids would help as well. For example holding a spray gun as you talk about the various parts of the gun.
I would still like to hear Jeffs thoughts on spraying polyurethane on a hardwood entry door.
Posted: 5:04 pm on May 15th

nslewis nslewis writes: So awesome! Just a non-stop barrage of expert advice and information. Jeff seems to know everything there is to know about finishing, and more. Thanks!
Posted: 2:23 pm on May 11th

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