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Mickey's Wall Unit # 5

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The bar top was built using mdf. The bar base was built using 12 layers of 3/8" bending plywood all laminated together to make a 3" thick curved platform base to support the bar top and finished in 18k real gold leaf. The mdf top had a double 3/4" bullnosed (water fall) edge. The entire surface of the mdf top was covered with a transparent holographic foil paper using a light coat of contact cement. The foil paper was intentially crumble by hand into a large ball and then reopened back up and layed out flat leaving many tiny bent sections of folds and creases. The clear coat resin top 1/8" thick was poared directly on the transparent foil paper covering all the irregular bends and folds until the entire surface was glass flat. The under side of the mdf top has hundreds of fiber optic lines running radically in all directions yet from the top surface, revealing many twinkling, and actually swirling, like real star clusters. The fibers are carefully arranged in various diameter tips ranging from 1/64" to 1/8" revealing a more realistic, star lit, night sky. The fiber optic line tips or ends are suspended under the transparent foil paper and not visible until the fiber optic lights are turned on. Some fibers are below the surface of the foil paper and some have been inserted from below to give the appearance that they are at multiple levels, producing a more realistics dimensional night sky. This kind of work is definitely for the most patient type of craftsman. Post # 6, coming soon.

Design or Plan used: My own design - Frank Trucchio

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