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Safety Lights Blink When Band Saw blade is in Motion

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Here to LEDs are seen just in front of the blade.
a magnetic switch is mounted near the fly wheel.
a magnet is mounted on the flywheel using silicone.
A terminal was added to the back to connect wires to a DC power supply.
A resister is soldered in series with the two LEDs and the terminal connections at the back. This is to adjust the voltage given to the LEDs based on your power supply voltage output. I used an old cellphone power supply which gives 5 vdc. The LEDs must both be wired so that DC current flows through them both at the same time, given the correct polarity. Simply use a forward current enough to light the two LEDs in series. Use Ohms Law to determine the resister value.
Here to LEDs are seen just in front of the blade. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

Here to LEDs are seen just in front of the blade.

Photo: D. Chandonnet

When using my band saw, I wear ear protection and the saw dust vacume is "ON" so one is not sure if the blade is moving, or I am not wearing the right glasses. On top of that, when I shut the saw off, the blade continues for a minute or so. I decided to add some blinking red LEDs just in front of the blade.

Design or Plan used: My own design - Donald Chandonnet

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Comments (2)

Brimble Brimble writes: After nearly having a digital accident with my bandsaw because it was still turning although switched off I found this idea very appealing. Have since fitted an LED motion detector to my bandsaw and have greatly increased the posibilty of retaining all my fingers. Many thanks.
Posted: 5:27 am on September 17th

4545 4545 writes: Good idea. Thanks for sharing it.
Posted: 6:29 pm on April 3rd

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