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The Editors Mailbox

Video Sneak-Peek of New Groundbreaking Video Workshop Series

comments (47) March 31st, 2012 in blogs, videos

Ed_Pirnik Ed Pirnik, Senior Web Producer
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Video Length: 2:00
Produced by: Ed Pirnik and Gary Junken

One of the toughest aspects of being a furniture maker is the quest for one's own distinctive style. It's pretty tough to take a style as distinctive as Arts & Crafts or Greene & Greene and make it one's own, but North Carolina craftsman Gregory Paolini has done just that.

This May, Everything is About to Change

When Paolini originally designed the side table at left, it was meant to mimic the signature elements of the Greene Bros. beloved style. And while it's a handsome piece, it is rather derivative. In his upcoming Video Workshop series however, Greg tears the lid off of Greene & Greene and offers up a completely new, fresh taste on this classic style.

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Comments (47)

sawdust55109 sawdust55109 writes: I thought i was the only one who built furniture like that..
Posted: 8:43 pm on April 6th

fiftyohm fiftyohm writes: I loved the cabinet maker's triangle done with the Sharpie. Classic!
Posted: 3:36 pm on April 6th

petethebuilder petethebuilder writes: Ebonized biscuits would have added to the reality.
Posted: 9:30 am on April 6th

mrfixitnow mrfixitnow writes: How did you make this video with your poker face? Must have been at least 150 takes?

Posted: 1:51 pm on March 16th

mrfixitnow mrfixitnow writes: How did you make this video with your poker face? Must have been at least 150 takes?

Posted: 1:51 pm on March 16th

Ed_Pirnik Ed_Pirnik writes: Thanks for the kind words everyone. This was a blast to shoot, and Greg really ran with it! For the record, we are not chucking pocket-screws under the bus. They make very fast, strong joints, where appropriate. In fact, Greg owns the Kreg pocket-screw jig in the video, and uses it all the time.


Posted: 9:19 am on April 3rd

JLYoung JLYoung writes: That was hilarious guys! I needed a good laugh. I am however, just a bit dissapointed that you weren't doing the actaul G&G sidetable in the intro pics. It's beautiful!
Posted: 8:51 am on April 3rd

saschafer saschafer writes:
And they said it couldn't be done: melding Greene & Greene and Ikea to create a fresh new style...


Posted: 8:02 am on April 3rd

Barry143 Barry143 writes: Outstanding!

Loved the hand planed top!
Posted: 7:47 am on April 3rd

kalwiseman kalwiseman writes: Great way to cheer up an otherwise bleak day. Need a good laugh every now and then.......

Posted: 6:06 pm on April 2nd

JeffB JeffB writes: Pretty funny. I did not know you could plane melamine like that. Sadly, I watched a PBS woodworking show just this past Saturday and pocket screws were used in much the same way. In fact the only kind of joinery used.
Posted: 6:06 pm on April 2nd

Woodsmithy Woodsmithy writes: Who know that FWW had a sense of humor, and even serious woodworkers know how to have fun.
Posted: 1:23 pm on April 2nd

JerryGrant JerryGrant writes: Where can I sign up to take the Melamine class????
You got us on the April Fool.
Posted: 10:20 am on April 2nd

Franklandwood Franklandwood writes: I absolutely love the artistry here. The avant garde and adventurous liberty taken to make a modern version of a stodgy and often formulaic classic. The exposed joinery is the crowning jewel. Well done gentleman. Well done. One question: was that one of those bald-caps that Norm had on in this video? Or did he really shave his head for April Fool's Day? Crazy New Yankee humor...
Posted: 12:10 am on April 2nd

3rd_gen_board_stretcher 3rd_gen_board_stretcher writes: That was hilarious. Made me think of the goobers I have hired who show me pictures of the first table and then build something closer to the second. Loved it.

Posted: 11:41 pm on April 1st

Ericoverland Ericoverland writes: I find poplar easier and less expensive than melamine for my GnG mockups. That hardware looks like Craftsman style. That marriage isn't legal in Oregon. Sneezy
Posted: 11:36 pm on April 1st

JonnyB810 JonnyB810 writes: excellent, found this very amusing!!
Posted: 6:06 pm on April 1st

lindhrr lindhrr writes: Liked that one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 4:49 pm on April 1st

Members Members writes: Wow such a beautiful little table!
When will the plans be out? My mother would love it!
Loved it, thanks Ed
Posted: 4:39 pm on April 1st

jgemmer jgemmer writes: You got me. not funny yes it was good one
Posted: 4:35 pm on April 1st

beem beem writes: Classic Greg & Greg style... Great stuff, guys!
Posted: 3:43 pm on April 1st

jg0258 jg0258 writes: LOL...that was funny, got me!!

M1FDS you need to step away from the coffee and lighten up a bit.
Posted: 2:49 pm on April 1st

a_e_b a_e_b writes: Better that most Walmart pieces. Nice AF vid.
Posted: 2:15 pm on April 1st

M1FDS M1FDS writes: "a whole nother level" Cutesy is a good approach to distract one from your message and onto how clever you appear to be. The data is already interesting enough what you have created is interesting enough but to resort to cutesy degrades the message. No offence is intended here this is just my opinion and my lack of understanding for the need of some to degrade the English language any more than it has already been.
Posted: 12:55 pm on April 1st

Posted: 12:50 pm on April 1st

B.L. Zeebub B.L. Zeebub writes: I passed Pepsi through my nose!
Posted: 11:35 am on April 1st

swerner swerner writes: Too funny...
Posted: 11:11 am on April 1st

kareardo kareardo writes: Great tips on using Melamine. I can't wait to see how to properly stain it to get that finished look.
Posted: 11:07 am on April 1st

RogerB299 RogerB299 writes: DOH!
Posted: 10:55 am on April 1st

sundstromc sundstromc writes: That's hilarious
Posted: 10:41 am on April 1st

CaseyO CaseyO writes: That was great! But also very sad, that was nearly identical to the kind of work I see everyday in the production cabinet shop I work in.
Posted: 10:32 am on April 1st

CaseyO CaseyO writes: That was great! But also very sad, that was nearly identical to the kind of work I see everyday in the production cabinet shop I work in.
Posted: 10:32 am on April 1st

biffe biffe writes: good job , had a good laugh
Posted: 8:26 am on April 1st

jlcollicott jlcollicott writes: The perfect antithesis of G&G!
Posted: 7:57 am on April 1st

swenson swenson writes: Every year I get sucked in, and you got me again. Nice. Just out of bed and not thinking clearly you had me thru the very sharp exposed joinery. That woke me up.
Posted: 7:55 am on April 1st

Aroonstock Aroonstock writes: Are you guys suggesting that hand planing melamine isn't actual woodworking? I guess I'll have to hang up my shop apron. :-(
Posted: 7:54 am on April 1st

woodchopper3 woodchopper3 writes: GOOD JOB, once in awhile we need it!
Posted: 6:54 am on April 1st

BGMDAD BGMDAD writes: Touche'
Posted: 6:37 am on April 1st

kkraft67 kkraft67 writes: oh my god, I have been waiting for a project like this, I have a large stock pile of melamine board and have been trying to find the perfect project to use it on. Are those # 20's for the breadboard ends ? lmao
Posted: 6:34 am on April 1st

masterwood masterwood writes: That was funny I thought your serious about it....I was surprised when you plane the melamine board hahaha...

Posted: 5:54 am on April 1st

wolflax44 wolflax44 writes: That was fun to watch, can't wait for snack to be served, will they be sliders?
Posted: 5:09 am on April 1st

umbra63 umbra63 writes: Divertente, ho dovuto guardare fino alla fine per ricordarmi che è il primo aprile

Posted: 2:11 am on April 1st

Tumblewoodworks Tumblewoodworks writes: I can't wait!! What a innovative take on G&G!!!

Posted: 12:51 am on April 1st

tsangell tsangell writes: The first hint of pocket screws made my skin crawl. Then I lol'ed.
Posted: 10:44 pm on March 31st

dandegennaro dandegennaro writes: What kind of food would Greene and Greene have served at their table?
Posted: 10:08 pm on March 31st

dandegennaro dandegennaro writes:
Posted: 10:05 pm on March 31st

GBurg GBurg writes: I actually laughed out loud! Nice.
Posted: 9:04 pm on March 31st

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