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New FWW Web Streaming Event Ready to Launch

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On Friday, March 2, 2012, a select group of Fine Woodworking staffers will be live online, answering readers questions selected and moderated by our web staffers. (L-R) Asa Christiana, Michael Pekovich, Ed Pirnik, and Matt Kenney. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

On Friday, March 2, 2012, a select group of Fine Woodworking staffers will be live online, answering readers' questions selected and moderated by our web staffers. (L-R) Asa Christiana, Michael Pekovich, Ed Pirnik, and Matt Kenney.

Photo: Ed Pirnik

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NOTE: Shop Talk Live and Fine Woodworking Live (an event scheduled for Summer 2012) are two distinct and unrelated events.

For several years now, the editors here at Fine Woodworking magazine have connected with the readership through regular blogging. And while we can't answer every question or address every comment posted in a blog, we do our best.

In a bid to better serve our readers and connect with you all even more directly, we're gearing up to launch a new live stream event that will put our editors in front of the camera on a monthly basis to answer your woodworking how-to questions and even address a few of the comments that regularly roll into our in-boxes.

On Friday, March 2, 2012, 3:30pm (EST), we'll be debuting the first test run of a new event dubbed Shop Talk Live. FWW editor Asa Christiana and art director Michael Pekovich will be on-hand to run a gauntlet of questions and comments moderated by senior web producer Ed Pirnik.

Click the icon at left to watch the livestream.

Between now and March 1, be sure to submit your questions or comments regarding woodworking how-to, or articles from the past two issues (#225 and #224) to

Fine Woodworking's web producers are the only staffers with access to this email in-box. That means Asa and Mike won't have a clue as to what potential zingers the web staff will be lobbing at them during the live stream. Feel free to have fun with this and pitch any woodworking how-to questions you like. This is an open forum, and while we can't answer or address every potential email that comes across Ed's computer screen, we'll do our best to pick the most entertaining, thought-provoking, "woodworky" items.

After the broadcast, the event will be archived online. So if you miss it live, don't worry, we'll have it online again within days.

Bookmark this blog post and check back next Friday for the big event!

iPad Compatibility?

That's been the big questions for just about every media outlet publishing online video ever since the iPad was first launched. Apple's decision not to allow for Flash compatibility has sent the entire online media world scrambling. Right now, all of Fine Woodworking's videos are iPad and iPhone compatible, but live streaming video is the one last exception. Although our video hosting service is currently working at launching an iPad compatible player for this sort of media, that technology just isn't ready yet. This means that for now, viewers will not be able to watch this content on the iPad/iPhone. Look for an i-device compatible in the very near future.


Shop Talk Live: Friday, March 2, 2012

Asa Christiana, editor

Asa's journalism career began at a small newspaper, about the time he picked up his addiction to woodworking. And that led eventually to Fine Woodworking, where he began as an associate editor in 2000. An active and passionate furniture maker, Asa enjoys working on his house and shop.

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Michael Pekovich, art director

A longtime woodworker, Mike caught the hand-tool bug when he came to Fine Woodworking in 1997. Since that time, he has honed razor-sharp design and construction techniques in building Shaker and Arts & Crafts-style projects. 

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Ed Pirnik, senior web producer

Ed came to Fine Woodworking in 2009, after several years spent working on international news in New York City. Today, you can routinely find him in the shop building a wide variety of projects—from humidors and desks, to violins and fly rods.

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