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"Lazy Stephen" Tool Turntable

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MarkKessler MarkKessler, member
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The Lazy Steven. Four drawers and four shelves for easy access to tools and less mess all around.
Im a little crazy about grinders for speed and efficiency. Quick and sharp are the name of the game here: (left to right) 6 Delta, 8 Woodcraft 1/2 speed, 8 Central Machinery with hardboard grit and honing wheels for glassy edges. I have yet to install the turning tool sharpening jigs. 
The lower turntable for addition tool storage. Also on roller balls.
Barrel bolt and stopping block to keep the lower table from getting any funny ideas :)
When I made the decision to run the power cords through the middle of the table, I realized I had to keep them from twisting. I decided to cut two opposing crescent... er...well, smiley face shped holes to allow the tables to spin without cutting the wires. This stopping block prevents the table from turning all the way around. Problem solved!
The Lazy Steven. Four drawers and four shelves for easy access to tools and less mess all around. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

The "Lazy Steven". Four drawers and four shelves for easy access to tools and less mess all around.

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  • Location: Sacramento, California
  • Size: sq. ft.
  • Type: Garage
  • Focus: General
  • Heating/Cooling: Racing down the freeway with all the windows down

I call this the "Lazy Stephen". It's a modified version of a turntable plan I came across. I don't think I have followed ANY plan to the exact "jot or tittle". I tend to find ways to wrest the project to my will and make it do what I want. After all, we have the tools to do it, right?


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Comments (13)

cowtown cowtown writes: Call me stupid if you want, but what I see is about 16 sq' of shop real estate used up by a jig saw (low utilization for me) , 3 grinders (I got way more than that and 90% is on one grinder)and what? no even slightly sophisticated sharpening guides installed? not even hand made??? No marks on the wood makes me doubt that any serious sharpening ever took place on this set up

And a drill press too!

Marvellous circulatory toolconcept at first glance, but no storage for drill bits be be at hand, no grinding appurtenances at hand, you might be able to swivel it around like a carousel quite quickly, but yer still gonna have to waltz across the shop to find the right drill bit, the proper blade etc.

Needless to say I ain't convinced of the actual utility of this use of shop floor real estate.

I got normal , long and really long, short drill bits, metric/imperial /number /letter/left hand/brad point plus spares, and t o me they should be at arms length from where they are needed. How does this circus carousel fit that need fro don't despite how pretty it looks. That skimpy drawer under the drill press wouldn't hold even one quarter of the drill bits I nornally use

And although I looked for the chuck key for the drill press, it wasn't there.. Mine hangs from a magnet on the face of the drill press. I'll be danged if I have to walk across the room to find the chuck key.

But clearly the workshop has been cleansed for photography, so all those little details may well have been expunged just like the sawdust that MIGHT have been generated . C'est la vie.

To me, it's just a mock up of someones concept of a clinical workshop and although some work may be done in it, my perspective is that is done with low efficiency. or with a high motivation to asage an ego.

I've been in and out of workshops of all types all my life and such cleanliness and inefficient layout never exists in work-a-day environments. It's all about workstations, where EVERYTHING is close at hand,

So as much as this carousel looks sweet, it just aint efficient

Does no one else see the irony of storing one router in the base, when most woodbutchers have at least two or three, and where are the bits stored.?I could go on and on, but I'll stop there..said enuf.

Eric in Calgary

Posted: 12:34 am on January 31st

Flutsch Flutsch writes: Where can I find the plans for the "Lazy Steven" Tool Turn Table
Posted: 1:49 pm on January 12th

jsigmon jsigmon writes: This seems like something I would like to build. I would like to get the answers all the of the posters before me. The answers to their questions should be added to the Comments.
Posted: 2:12 pm on December 5th

tats4u2 tats4u2 writes: Hello I'm Dave and I would like the plans for the lazy stephen can I get a link where its avalible for recreation
Posted: 11:26 am on November 5th

TheAustrian TheAustrian writes: Just saw your clever design. One question: how do you prevent vibrations from rattling the circular top ? The two stop-blocks don't do anything in this respect, so do you lock the table down somehow ?

Posted: 7:06 am on November 2nd

KiloCharley KiloCharley writes: Another publication has plans for this turntable system. I will probably be banned for mentioning this but the other mag begins with shop and the second word is notes. The plans were free in the article I read. Rollers for this project can be picked up at HFT
Posted: 3:13 am on October 29th

KiloCharley KiloCharley writes:
Posted: 3:10 am on October 29th

jgossage jgossage writes: Mark,
I love this. I have been building one in my mind for the last year with 4 stations for sanders and grinders. I had not thought of the drawers so thanks for that! Where did you get your roller balls? How do you lock the top in place so it doesn't move as you're working on a particular station?
Posted: 5:15 am on May 12th

davemand davemand writes: good job just what i need do you have any plans

Posted: 4:21 pm on April 7th

boubakeur boubakeur writes: I want you by the ideas of magazines are carpentry and decorationHow do I design a simple machine, carpentry
Posted: 2:41 pm on March 6th

bigyelo bigyelo writes: Very clever, I like it a lot!
Posted: 10:00 am on February 27th

MarkKessler MarkKessler writes: Thanks John. It was a fun project to build, and relatively basic construction. All this amounts to more time left for making sawdust in other ways :)

Posted: 11:49 am on February 26th

Johnzshopnstuff Johnzshopnstuff writes: Nice adaptation! I've been looking for a way to better utilize some dead corner space and this is it - thanks for posting a great idea - and nice work too!

Posted: 2:28 pm on February 25th

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