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The Editors Mailbox

UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Making Country Furniture by George Buchanan

comments (44) February 14th, 2012 in blogs

BetsyE Betsy Engel, contributor
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Making Country Furniture
Taunton Press, 1998.
originally $22.95; 176 pp.

Making Country Furniture has 15 step-by-step projects for making such things as a   five-plank stool, a sleigh bed, a small mahogany box, and a child’s chair. The book includes detailed drawings and cutlists for each project and also includes special skill information and tips to make the projects run smoothly. 

Lucky Larrythewoodguy is the winner. His comment was chosen at random.

Next up is a new book from The Taunton Press. Stay tuned.

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Comments (44)

Larrythewoodguy Larrythewoodguy writes: Thanks for the win .
I consider myself as an intermediate woodworker and would
recommend this book to somebody that wants to try
woodworking but doesnt want to spend a lot of money on
tools.It explains what hand tools you need and makes
use of nails .The kitchen dresser is held together with
galvanized nails and glue.It has an interesting frieze
design around the faceframe which could be a challenge.
A book for beginners.

Posted: 3:52 pm on March 18th

manu31 manu31 writes: thanks for the book

Posted: 5:56 am on February 18th

montee montee writes: Love that country stuff!
send me a copy
Posted: 10:31 pm on February 14th

acornbob acornbob writes: sign me up for a copy!
Posted: 4:12 pm on February 14th

tsangell tsangell writes: Is "book me" an appropriate response?

Posted: 12:36 pm on February 14th

David Brayton David Brayton writes: Great. I spent nearly five minutes creating those poems and you decide to award the book at random.

Posted: 11:07 am on February 14th

Pennstate84 Pennstate84 writes: Love country furniture and always looking for great books on it's construction.
Posted: 9:08 pm on February 9th

caub caub writes: Would love this book! Thanks for doing these Give-aways!
Posted: 1:28 pm on February 7th

DaveHarrison DaveHarrison writes: Looks interesting - count me in!
Posted: 10:20 am on February 7th

the_wild_lucy the_wild_lucy writes: Sign me up. Thanks!
Posted: 9:31 am on February 7th

Jollyroger Jollyroger writes: Are ya allowed to make this stuff in town? I'll give it a try.

Posted: 11:05 pm on February 6th

Jamul Jamul writes: A little bit of country, a little bite of rock & roll.
Posted: 9:37 pm on February 6th

sardinia sardinia writes: My wife is in love with this furniture and it would be a great addttion to my shop library.
Posted: 9:24 pm on February 6th

cstar cstar writes: This would be a great addition to my woodworking library and would probably add a project or two to my " to do list".
Posted: 7:50 pm on February 6th

skeeterpow skeeterpow writes: This would be a GREAT addition to my knowledge bank. It would help with ideas and serve for extending the life of the wood I use in projects.
Posted: 7:41 pm on February 6th

BA3 BA3 writes: This would be a great source for inspiration and guidance.
Posted: 3:40 pm on February 6th

garyprott garyprott writes: I need this book. Thanks in advance.
Posted: 1:43 pm on February 6th

WiseGuy81 WiseGuy81 writes: I am getting ready to start building furniture for my home and this would help a lot.
Posted: 11:57 am on February 6th

pcoleman525 pcoleman525 writes: Put my name in the hat.
Posted: 11:41 am on February 6th

Dean7 Dean7 writes: Always interested in books on furniture making.
Posted: 11:07 am on February 6th

whansen whansen writes: This looks like an excellent addition to my woodworking library. Whether I win it or not, I plan to get one. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!
Posted: 10:58 am on February 6th

tlpmap tlpmap writes: Sounds like a winner!
Posted: 9:10 am on February 6th

tlpmap tlpmap writes:
Posted: 9:09 am on February 6th

jdm92562 jdm92562 writes: Count me in.
Posted: 8:43 am on February 6th

JeffB JeffB writes: I am a big fan of this style of furniture. Sounds like an interesting book.
Posted: 8:04 am on February 6th

spratz spratz writes: Oh, a bed would be a fine project.
Posted: 3:50 am on February 6th

David Brayton David Brayton writes: There once was a drill bit in Nantucket
An old woodworker tried to chuck it
But it was rusted and dull
The woodworker damned it to hell
Then tossed the bit in the waste bucket.

(Still trying.)
Posted: 1:01 am on February 6th

David Brayton David Brayton writes: An Ode to Shellac

Dearest Shellac,

What a wonderful finish you are!

Easy to apply, that ain't no lie.
I reach for you in a pinch, because clean up is a cinch.

The depth is outstanding, whether padded, brushed or sprayed
be it a cabinet or country furniture I have made

Safe enough for a kid
and I used it on my last project, that I did!

I may never win the Pulitzer prize for poetry,
but I am sure to enjoy this book on furniture and marquetry.

(Hey, at least I tried.)

Posted: 12:15 am on February 6th

montee montee writes: love the form and function of country furniture
need this book!
Posted: 12:13 am on February 6th

casaheil casaheil writes: I've made some shaker furniture from kits and would love to try some from scratch. This book looks like a good read to do that.

--- Steve
Posted: 12:06 am on February 6th

Qwertqwwer Qwertqwwer writes: Being from out west, country is in our blood and the furniture, is in our home. Thanks for the opportunity.
Posted: 11:22 pm on February 5th

tman814 tman814 writes: Having a couple pieces of country furniture, this book would make a great addition to the library and a wonderful resource for future pieces to go along with those I have.
Posted: 11:11 pm on February 5th

wppuvy wppuvy writes: This kind of furniture
She would love for sure,
I think it is a perfect sign
That I build her a gift for Valentine
Posted: 10:36 pm on February 5th

JLYoung JLYoung writes: My wife loves this kind of furniture. I'd love to have this book so I can make her some of this type of furniture.
Posted: 10:26 pm on February 5th

Larrythewoodguy Larrythewoodguy writes: Im always in for a free book.
Posted: 10:19 pm on February 5th

Dank24 Dank24 writes: The only thing better than making funiture is making tools to make furniture.

A book on making country furniture would be very welcome gift.

Posted: 7:01 pm on February 5th

Paul_C Paul_C writes: Winner being chosen on Valentines Day!
Posted: 6:01 pm on February 5th

ahuse1984 ahuse1984 writes: would like to make some country chairs
Posted: 5:22 pm on February 5th

DozersWorkshop DozersWorkshop writes: I have some pieces now that are needing these kind of companions. Hope I have a shot at the book!

Posted: 4:16 pm on February 5th

Paladin2025 Paladin2025 writes: I love these add a comment giveaway contests! Keep them coming!
Posted: 3:48 pm on February 5th

bfarris bfarris writes: We have a bedroom without a bed. I think the sleigh bed would be a very nice fit.
Posted: 2:18 pm on February 5th

JamesGroleau JamesGroleau writes: My lovely wife is always asking me to make what she can't find. This book would a great asset to assist me in making what she's asking for. Thanks!!
Posted: 2:15 pm on February 5th

atogrf1 atogrf1 writes: Country furniture is the best. They are simple to build, easy to constuct with my son, and heirloom pieces for the home.

Posted: 1:37 pm on February 5th

dcorreia dcorreia writes: I would love to add this book to my collection.
Posted: 1:10 pm on February 5th

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