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Portable music player makes a nice shop accessory

comments (2) December 28th, 2011 in blogs

kenstonge Ken St. Onge, Contributor
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It can hang on the wall, a nice feature for the shop.
Or just leave it on the bench, which is what I do at home.
All I needed was my iPhone and two AA batteries.
It can hang on the wall, a nice feature for the shop. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

It can hang on the wall, a nice feature for the shop.

We have a great machine room and an excellent bench room, but there's one thing missing from our shop here at FWW: A good radio. It's strange that this one luxury would go missing in a room frequented by woodworking, gadget-loving, music aficionados. Since I joined the staff here back in August, whenever I'm working in the back, I constantly tell myself: "I need a radio."

Well I must have been good this year, because Santa saw fit to give me a portable music player, which has quickly become one of my favorite shop accessories. This model, the iLuv iSP110, is basically a hardshell, zippered case that holds two small speakers, two batteries, and in my case an iPhone. I zip it up and hang it on the wall. It's plenty loud enough for the shop, unless someone turns on machinery or the dust collector. My only gripe is that there's no volume switch, so you have to open it up and use the buttons on the side of the iPhone. I'm not sure about battery life, since I have been using it on and off for only a few days. But in that time, I have yet to change them.

For someone like me, who splits time woodworking in several places I really like how it's small very portable. It selling online for a little under $10.

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Comments (2)

MarkW12 MarkW12 writes: Nice. One thing I have gone to is using blu-tooth over-the-ear headphones. This allows you to carry your phone in your pocket without wires connecting. Then you can listen to music, podcasts, etc. and still catch a phone call.
Posted: 11:53 am on December 30th

ctsjr ctsjr writes: Very cool. My old iPhone is doing duty as an ipod now in my shop. 8gig is plenty for the task and the klipsch player sounds great. My system is smaller than a boom box but it stays in the shop. I probably need to protect it from dust somehow. Might do that next.
Posted: 7:51 pm on December 28th

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